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The Phoenix Rises

Updated on May 10, 2011

He’s not going to be a casualty 

 He rises like the phoenix

Your weaknesses only serve to make him strong

 Look at your face in the mirror,

see the violation, and now picture your son’s heart

See contravene there too

 He went for a hug, to know he’s loved;

you shoved a dagger in his chest

 His blood slowly evaporates

 Now what of his tears,

rain falling from heaven,

thunder is his displeasure;

lightening displays his power

 Your son is speaking to you

from a place he’d never gone

 You didn’t see the good in him,

you held onto his transgressions

 The value you placed on him

could have been placed on anyone

 He’s your progeny; this is how you see him?

Where’s devotion? If only you would of said,

I love you my son, now it’s to late and

 your hands are stained with his blood

 You can’t wash it away, hide it,

 and bury it like a dog’s bone

 Haunting visions float before your eyes

 You dream when you’re awake

Your nightmares don’t equate atonement,

 reviling; censuring torrent pain

 twisted in his heart

  The grave gives back what you took away

 He rises; reawakening,

death can’t demarcate him from

the man he is born to become

Your weakness only serves to make him strong,

 like the phoenix he has risen


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    • Lady Guinevere profile image

      Debra Allen 

      7 years ago from West By God

      I don't know what to say. I voted it up.

    • LunesisMidnight profile image


      8 years ago from Texas

      wow very chilling. I love the pictures you posted with this dark poem. I loved it! Well done

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      I love this.... "Your weakness only serves to make him strong"

      My next tattoo is going to be of a Pheonix.

    • blackreign2012 profile image


      8 years ago

      Wonderful imagery the compelling emotion behind it is riviting great piece ~hugs~

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      Wow! You must have heard her, you know, my mother?

      In spite and spittle eviscorate, then move on, to another.

      Love the anger and imagry!

      Well done!

      Tim W

    • ek ellis profile imageAUTHOR

      ek ellis 

      9 years ago

      God bless you as well creativeone59

      My Phoenix rises, you are welcome dohn121

    • dohn121 profile image


      9 years ago from Hudson Valley, New York

      This is a very dark poem, filled with imagery. Thanks, ek ellis.

    • creativeone59 profile image

      benny Faye Douglass 

      9 years ago from Gold Canyon, Arizona

      Very interesting and chilling like thanglynn07 said, it has power behind it. thank you for sharing it. God bless you. creativeone59

    • ek ellis profile imageAUTHOR

      ek ellis 

      9 years ago

      Thank you

    • thanglynn07 profile image


      9 years ago from Long Beach, CA

      Wow. Definitely chilling...Your words are like flames to mortal ears. Very powerful poem!


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