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The Phone

Updated on February 20, 2021

I hear the shrill sound
of a phone ringing
feverishly beating
a noise over and over repeating
it is the time of night
when the moon is full and bright
with shadows jumping giving me a fright
I walk toward this echoing sound
rattling through my feet from the ground
moving and shaking and mysteriously mistaking
a tumble of earth quaking
yet I feel paralyzed
to look in its eyes
and listen to its cries
my heart begins tap tap tapping
beneath my chest it comes a rapping
a feeling so trapping
then I find myself within its walls
unable to resist its calls
and the claustrophobia begins to crawl
I'm surrounded by dirty windows
fingerprints from forgotten hobos
and an echo of sadly sorrows
I close my eyes thinking this is only a dream
no matter how real it may seem
could this be the end of the scene?
and then i open my eyes
with not much surprise
I can still hear its shrill cries
I see the surrounding inch thick dust
and the flaking crumbling rust
the splattered bloodstains
and the withering from the rain
yet I could find no door
to escape this rotted decor
must I answer this call
and face the voice once and for all?
I reach out and take the receiver
in my trembling hand, am I now a believer?
I hear a whispering white noise
a static with a soft voice
speaking in my ear
most words were unclear
yet, I could make out just one
as it poured into my head, "listen"
then I was suddenly awoken
by a yell that was unspoken
pins and needles
through my legs feeling feeble
the phone is still ringing
my eyes burning, stinging
I pick up the phone
and listen to a voice well known
a voice that speaks to me
only in times of need
but why now
when confusion is afoul?
a mind intrusion
a sense of vertigo infusion
am I really awake?
or was this idea of reality a fake
if I could just open my eyes
or give a pinch to my thighs
anything to wake up from this nightmare
and tame this desperate mind repair
so I take a deep breath
to give my mind a rest
I muster up the courage
and give in to sanity's passage
to pick the phone up once more
for this time I'm almost sure

she calls me almost every night
around the time of midnight
on and on she speaks
in riddles and squeaks
a confession
or a therapeutic session
a secret so deep
in her mind she tried to keep
a subconscious revealing
in a comatose unveiling
step inside
shatter the illusions you try to hide
hypnotized feelings
drowning from concealing
this drowsy state of mind
and who knew you weren't so kind?
you choked off this trust
and pulled me into disgust
your heart seems so hollow
all these words make it hard to swallow
you intoxicate the fire
and smolder your release to expire
so I listen
and study you quietly
counting the days
listening to everything you say
I feel like I have your mask in my hands
and my vision expands
I turn colder and you betray
so I push you farther away
killing the craving for empathy
so you bought sympathy
and took that pill
the placebo's thrill
discover the treasure inside
and pretend it was in all your mind
the wishing well is all dried up
like a single forgotten hiccup
you're the next contestant
in this game of judgement
so take a number
and wait in line forever

this obsession
is looking for defaults in my confession
trying not to lose control
it enters my veins and my soul
it holds on to me tightly
I can't inhale not even lightly
this scale is rotating
I am suffocating
then I hear a response on the other end
hello, hello this is your friend
the voice spoke...
I've touched all your childhood fears
and kept them like souveniers
I've been close enough to feel their hate
now I have something to donate
this is just your answering machine
I've been poisoning you like morphine
I record all your raving thoughts
and turn them into tiny plots
to use against you
and all this time you had no clue
who you were really talking to
the words hung in the air
even after the voice was no longer there
time stood still
and my body quivered with a chill
was the phone an outlet
hooked up like an cassette
plugged into my mind
feeding, causing me to go blind
damaging my sense of reality
deconstructing my sensiblity
implanting its seed
of destruction and greed
I wait for the seams to break
while my vision shakes
bright and clear
as I remove the phone from my ear
dial tone buzzing
nerves seizing
this noise keeps me awake
a conscious mistake
head exploding
body aching
I try to lay down
and let the dizziness surround
me as I close my eyes once more
and let the phone fall to the floor


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