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The Pink Doughnut Temptation

Updated on November 17, 2016
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Seafarer Mama/Karen has been writing since she was ten. She is a published author & finds inspiration from a variety of sources & settings.

Tick Tock!

The tick tocks echo in my brain!
The tick tocks echo in my brain! | Source

In the grips of insomnia...

It was in the middle of the night that my stomach started rumbling like an approaching freight train. Its monstrous, raucous moaning filled the room. I closed my eyes, hoping that I could fall back to sleep and take care of the hunger pangs in the morning. My stomach had another plan and would not let me rest until I succumbed to its will.

The clock's ticking echoed as if my bedroom was devoid of anything but me and it. My husband's snores kept up with its rhythm and added some harmony. Both seemed to giggle in the face of my misfortune, and chanted "sleep, sleep, sleep, sleep, sleep." They must have plotted this scheme before he lay down to sleep for the night.

The glow of the full moon splashed through the window blinds and onto the floor. That glow might as well have been daylight for all its brightness. At 3am, a neighbor's rooster crowed. The clock's ticking grew even louder, as did the moans from my stomach. Finally, I could take it no more. I grabbed my robe, tied the belt, slid my feet into my slippers, and descended the stairs.

Down the staircase I tiptoed. The light of the moon lit my way through the living room. Past the couch and pantry door I stealthily brushed. The motor of the fridge seemed to whisper my name, wooing me to draw closer....

Sweet temptation ~

The pink doughnut that called me from afar...
The pink doughnut that called me from afar... | Source

A pretty pink smiling temptress of a doughnut caught me ~

I drew closer, taking baby steps past the dining table to where the fridge stood, like a pillar of plenitude mocking my midnight hunger.

I looked at the fridge a moment, examining the arrangement of magnets on the front of the door. Some of them held pictures drawn or painted by my daughter, or pictures cut from magazines. February was upon us and Valentine's Day was quickly approaching. Did I dare look at what might be lurking about among the other food items in our fridge? I imagined that Cupid was ready to shoot his arrow, which seemed dangerously close to striking my heart...or was that my stomach? His bow was stretched toward me and he smiled at me mischievously. I wondered what would happen if cupid's arrow struck the stomach instead of the heart? Would I only be able to eat heart-shaped food for the rest of my life? I opened the door so that there would be a barrier between me and the arrowhead. Then I opened the door, I saw a heart-shaped doughnut with pink frosting, topped with red candy heart sprinkles. Of all the temptations that I could face in the black of night with sand in my eyes, that had to be one of the worst. There it was, naked temptation seducing my senses, taking advantage of my weak state of predawn sleepiness. I crouched down to draw closer to the sweet revelation.

Really, it was an innocent doughnut, smiling sweetly up at me from the dessert plate. Not only that, she was pretty. She told me that she was waiting patiently for my daughter to be ready to eat her. I assured her that it wouldn't be much longer before that moment arrives.

Instead of eating that sweet, innocent, doughnut, I let her live a while longer. I opened the fruit bin and pulled out an orange to eat.

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