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The Pleasure in the Deep

Updated on September 21, 2018
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Cathy Nerujen is a dedicated poet, writer, editor, blogger, freelancer and creator of e-zines. Co-founded Webonist and Flashstar Magazine.

Safe within my dream
I heard the scream
of distant laughter -
as the echo of the night
its rapture lightly
caught your eyes -
they gazed within the
space of confined
furniture so spartan -
as your embrace came
so willing - kisses
spilling in to mine.

Your eyes shone in the darkness
golden warmness
filled my senses -
the noise of distant
voices vanished
slowly far from thine -
your voice like
melting butter
didn't utter
but a word - as
your lips
traversed my breasts -
turning water
into wine.

The night it can play tricks
as - eyes they fix
upon a detail -
a word, a lover's kiss -
a loving touch that
makes life new -
like - when a sail
receives a breeze
that is so willing -
so rewarding -
then that wind
is heaven sent -
because that
Heaven - she is You.


The bedroom fell away
as lips - they played
upon my tummy -
your lovebites wet
and yummy -
as our bodies
became one -
your fingers
soft as snowdrops
traced hot lines
along my skin now -
my yearnings
turn to longings -
as my blood
burned like
the sun.

Safe within the sheets
the bedsprings creaked
in their annoyance -
as our fingers touched
and coy hands
the pleasure in the deep -
the centre of our senses
is the core
of our bethrothal -
as our throats they hum
in union -
for a love
we sisters keep.

My Dream wakes
in to daytime -
as the smell of bacon
beckons - kitchen noises
in the next room - make
me dress - and go and see -
you standing in an apron
at the cooker - frying breakfast -
feet are tapping to some music -
then you turn
and smile at me.

The angle of your curves
inside your jeans -
it gently pleases -
as your teases
in your eyes
and sunripe kisses
drive me wild -
our greetings at the cooker
it reminds me of past christmases -
when naughty
girls and mistresses
found gifts - oh so wide-eyed.

We sit and open presents
asking questions -
between laughter -
"we're celebrating what?"
but does it matter -
here today -
it's so hot -
the beach it beckons -
we're so poor
but we're so rich -
so consequence
won't move us -
my Sweet Love,
we have all day...

Copyright © 2012 - 2018 Cathy Nerujen. All rights reserved.
This poem is published as part of my forthcoming new book of romantic poetry to be published in 2018. More info at Flashstar Magazine,

This poem is fondly dedicated to a sweet woman, my muse and my love, Fehl Dungo. I am always inspired by great poets - many of whom are published even here on Hubpages, such as Blaise25 (Fehl Dungo), Epigramman and Vincent Moore. See Epigramman's link here, and please support great Hub poets and authors.

P.s. What kind of niche writer are you? Poet, romance writer? Short story writer, fantasy or science fiction writer? A cooking or teaching writer? Technical or science writer or blogger?


The Pleasure in the Deep has become one of my most popular poems. This love poem is dedicated with love and affection to you Fehl, because your love is beautiful. You are a beautiful woman, you are so inspiring, and a beacon of Love in my life. And for Cassy for all your constant support and friendship.

© 2012 Cathy Nerujen


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