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The Poetry of Robert Jones, Jr. Part 10

Updated on March 30, 2017

Forevermore Madiba-a tribute poem for Nelson Mandela

Forevermore madiba-a tribute poem for nelson Mandela-edited version


Robert l. jones, jr.

(Osiris andwele chinelo)

This here exceedingly mournful broham-of-

Afrikanness be shonuff mustering forth some of his

Painfully lamenting expressions of mightily bemoaning

Angst-and-sorrow for the excellently dignified and

Valiantly lionhearted personage of a strikingly

Stalwart ambassador of enlivening hope and restless

Change, who done calmly-and-solemnly departed from

This ever-mutable and vicissitudinous dimension of

Tangibly earthen platitude-and-worldliness, but

Simultaneously be perdurably enduring throughout

That infinitely unceasing parameter of an immortally

Immutable transition from decaying dust into

alkebulan sainthood, and with them deeply fondest

Recollections of some righteously retrospective

Remembrance would a radically reminiscent revival

Of thoughtfully harvested bounty be so weightily

Impressionable upon my wildly stirred-up memory

Bank as my insightfully quickened and vastly

Revealing mind vision be greatly admiring and

Wholly appreciating the dynamically audacious

And profoundly gallant example of a supremely

Courageous comrade who was so phenomenally

Unafraid and so heroically intrepid with his

Heavily moral and socio-political grooves of earnestly

Debuting and zealously wrestling against that

Angrily volatile and hatefully irascible institution

Of purely diabolical segregation (famously recognized

In your historical chronicles and documentary

Archives-as-apartheid); yeah, there was surely the

Stoned epic and bravely venturesome vanguard of a

Human rights movement-in-action where the society-

Strengthening influence and uncompromisingly robust

Character of one dedicated black man done explosively

Begun the rousingly vitalized and feverishly kindled

Progressions of a sorely disenfranchised people’s

Liberating defenses of combating defiance, and a

Shonuff entire nation of daringly bold-and-gritty offshoots-

Of-cush were gutsily bumrushing like soldiered-up

Tribes of augustly valorous bravado against the

Unbearably oppressive tirades and those wickedly

Denunciatory tactics of a strictly Europeanized

Stronghold of devil-delegating chaos, which, [like a

Carelessly crude-and-unruly beast-of-the-field], was

Vilely-and-shamelessly excreting its prejudicially

Repugnant dung of separate-and-unequal craziness

All-over-the-place, and that disgustingly malodorous

Scent of sinfully reeking nastiness done emanated

Itself heavenward as overwhelmingly foul-and-putrid

Vapors of ethically rancid and wrongfully repulsive

Funk, and the perfectly hallowed and thoroughly holy

Nostrils of original divinity were so irefully

Offended and so massively outraged by their ever-

Loathsome gases of unrighteously domineering

Spite, strife-and-bigotry, so, thusly, in his hastily

Delivering mode of humanity-rescuing reparation

Did he compassionately re-visit his achingly raw and

Bitterly afflicted people in the regally charismatic

And royally enthusiastic embodiment of father madiba, and

He surely entered into that highly vociferating

Scene of southern afrikana honor-and-auspiciousness,

As he done vibrantly appeared unto his own Nubian

Families and cyrenean communities with the strongly

Uttered messages of absolutely limitless freedom and

Ultimately unbridled liberty-for-all, and with that

Truly cool-and-sophisticated stature of some handsomely

Crowning respect-for-self did he brightly emerge

Forth as a fervently anarchistic messiah who

Was officially sent from the everlastingly expansive

Glories of scintillating sovereignty and was evidently

Brought along this cerebral-and-anatomical plain of

Emotional feeling and evolving consciousness so that he

Could successfully be in that ardently pursuing

Business of masterfully exalting his ebony siblings

Of the shekinah sun with the clarion-voiced and

Trumpet-tongued declaration of monumentally arising

Pride and undying confidence-in-us, and this exceptionally

Praiseworthy and awesomely imposing specimen of

Tremendously empowering strength-and-fortitude

Was always in that soulfully redolent hipness of

Steadily persevering and diligently fighting like a

World champion boxer for that much desired and

Deservingly coveted outcome of gravely mistreated

And horribly abused sisters-and-brothers becoming totally and

Completely emancipated from the social, psychological-and-

Even spiritual shackles-and-chains of racially insane

Tyranny and skin color-obsessive terrorism, and deeply

Within the hugely momentous immensity of his vastly

Magnanimous demands for paradigm-shifting

Justice-and-impartiality, there would, nevertheless, be

That ravenously fetid vulgarity and the unusually

Maddening fierceness of some rabidly evil and stoned

Devious adversaries who done committed that most

Outrageously deranged thing of viciously subjecting our

Premier-and-preeminent pioneer of revolutionary

Struggle underneath the falsely incarcerating matrix

Of a twenty seven-year-long nexus with the imprisoning

Vexation of sun-beating hardships and distressfully

Inflicting tribulations, but despite all of those

Dismally turbid decades of darkly circumscribing

Torment and shonuff excruciating discomfort did

Daddy afrika remain so remarkably steadfast

Like mighty Kilimanjaro upon the sternly resolute

Bedrock of his nobly baaaaaaaad-and-egalitarian

Principles and those caringly established fundamentals

Of earth-healing love-and-understanding, and while the

Eternally evanescent essence of a forevermore

Transient twentieth century was once so sagaciously

Present in the calendaring locus of yester-millennial

Vitality, a cheerfully anticipating ocean of openly

Optimistic eyes were so blessedly fortunate in globally

Witnessing the miraculous resurgence of a joyously

Revivifying renaissance, as papa Mandela was

Finally released [like a newly manumitted bird of

Majestically flighted exuberance] from the heinously

Jailing abyss of his terribly cruel and hellish cell with

The uppermost armament of manfully undaunted

Victory-and-triumph, and with a tightly fisted-up duress

Of happily exultant merriment in the indigo atmosphere

Did an ever-surmounting partisan of neighborly

Solidarity done marched forth vivaciously to the

Perfectly jazz-a-sonic vibrations of a masakela

Prophecy, which songfully prognosticated that

Musically revelatory jam of sir nelson walking out

Positively self-assured as an invincibly

Indigenous king upon the beautifully democratic

Terrains of an ancient motherland’s ebon-exquisite

Earth and it was furthermore and bounteously predicted

With the irrefutably fulfilling fervor of an accurately

Spoken prognosis when this benevolent rebel of

System-rearranging force-and-virtue would winsomely

Attain his gloriously exalted calling in becoming the

Prudently elevated and the wiseheartedly elected

Personification of an effectually grand and reverently honored

President [for world-bettering togetherness and kinfolk-

Uniting good will-for-everybody]; indeed, it would be

All of these noteworthily acclaimed and praiseworthily

Uplifting makings of an outstandingly acknowledged and

Uprightly venerated legacy, which even in this tenderly

Sensitive and dolefully sobering moment-in-time do we

Also cherishingly apprize and celebrate on like an

Internationally extolling assembly of icon-apotheosizing

Gaiety, for in those exceedingly mournful manifestations

Of cascading tears and melancholic grief shall

Surprisingly gladdened-out reflections of endlessly

Overflowing thanks-and-gratitude be richly bestowed

In eulogizing devotion and gratefully allocated effigy

Unto that excellently dignified, valiantly lionhearted,

Strikingly stalwart and all-around phenomenal impetus

For enlivening hope and restless change, whom we

Knowingly and lovingly regard-as-madiba



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