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The Poetry of Robert Jones Jr. Part 7

Updated on March 30, 2017

BEAT legacy, BAM ancestry

BEAT legacy, BAM ancestry-edited version


robert l. jones, jr.


in that rather dank and unsavory period

of sheer desperation for all-things-

revolutionary, i be suddenly remembering

all of those mightily momentous days-and-

nights of radically assertive artisanship,

when charismatically burning thespians of

erudite defiance done boldly exercised

their many creative executions of anarchistic

freedom, and with the courageously unruly

resistance of antagonistic bravado they

totally communed together within their

equally yoked-up commonalities of some

humanly bonded camaraderie, thus harmoniously

putting their perfectly likeminded psyches in

that universally cerebral unity of cipher-

integrated oneness, so that with one strongly

pitched voice of righteous rebelliousness,

they would be so amazingly audacious in

their verbally combative dissertations of

fervently scribing an inflammatory multitude

of fire-sizzling drafts and politically militant

manuscripts of poetically protesting dissidence

against every single one of those wickedly

reactionary proponents of a society-controlling

status quo, which has so heinously succeeded

in forcefully placing subtly ensnared necks-and-

ankles inside of the crudely designed stocks

of culturally stultifying enslavement, but

despite them historically recorded miseries

of tyrannically sly objectives and a wretched

orthodoxy of coldly conservative domination

(of spirit), my deeply pensive recollections of

noteworthy nostalgia help me immensely in

vividly recalling that ever-glorious dispensation

when an extraordinarily proactive collection of

trouble-rousing artisans were definitely

expert in their fiercely enthusiastic endeavors

of loudly speaking them exceedingly harsh

truths and that ever-granular grandiosity of

rugged reality about how earnestly corrupt and

how incredibly sinister those madly authoritative

scoundrels really were, as these domestically

terrorizing dragons have been so perniciously

impassioned within their craftily fashioned

agendas of vocally excreting that bullcrapping

propaganda of some big brother-worshipping

dogma, which through divinatory lips of deceitful

talk and by those orally conniving expressions of

beguiling discourse, there was the dictatorial

demand from uncle sam-and-them for ev’ry red-

blooded american to willingly forfeit the priceless

inheritance of their purely begotten liberties, and in

shortchanging exchange for their submissively

rendered tact for being genuinely democratic,

all diverse manner of swindled citizens be so

heavily duped in agreeably receiving them demented

triple sixes of soul-chaining compliance to

the traditional fundamentals of rightist

servility and the (neo)colonizing doctrines of

some old way-debauching uniformity so

philosophically subtle and predatory to that

oblivious specimen who has been secretly

programmed with the brainwashing illuminati

of patriotically indentured serfdom-and-conformity,

but notepad and pen became the bombastically

offensive artillery of choice for a dangerously

articulate party of civil rights-rapping

rhapsodists and occidental bolsheviks, as they

were extremely gifted within their own literary

faculties of fearlessly challenging the pseudo-

sovereign canons of power-hungry archfiends and

those authority-thirsting adversaries of-the-

people, and with enfranchising words and voraciously

released verses of bitterly belligerent wisdom,

all mangled-up dimensions of verboten timidity

were absolutely forsaken and left to forevermore

vanquish into the despondent netherworld of

derelict nothingness, and from the subterranean

valleys of a thoughtfully fertile underground

emerged a consciously stimulated family of

dynamically outspoken laureates and them greatly

controversial geniuses of griot-unctioned intelligence,

and they brought with them their anthological volumes

of violently aroused speeches and angrily venturesome

veracity so unapologetically honest and so

uncompromisingly sound in mind-expanding

knowledge-and-enlightenment, so much so that a

cloak and dagger-enamored system of hate-loving

delegates became overwhelmingly stricken

with effectual panic and dismay when it was widely

known and clearly understood that there was,

indeed, a socially prolific gathering of mentally

emancipated bards and brilliantly devious writers

of both battling prose and them scrimmaging utterances

of warring rhyme, and these artistically brazen authors of

academically sharpened-up conviction shonuff had

it going on during those horrific heydays of

racial segregation, murderous lynchings and infernal

riots on the urban streets of the bluesy ghetto, as

they were richly enunciating all of their verbatim-

phrasing beliefs of community-strengthening virtue

and survival to the cleverly melodic rhythms of

jazzy bongos, to the magically eclectic cadences

of a funky set of afrika-inspired congas, and to the

deeply booming bottom of a bebop-striding double

bass as it smoothly resonates its baritone(ing)

notes of infectiously mellowed-out exquisiteness,

yea, and those purely bohemian vowels and ever-

beatnik consonants of sweetly idealistic revelation

be leaping wildly from the gold-leafed pages and dog-eared

parchments of smartly published archives from a

boss and copasetic movement that supremely summoned

the chosen oracles of kerouac, ginsburg and dylan, and

imminently volatile masterpieces which phenomenally

flowed from the beautifully heroic lips of baraka,

giovanni and sanchez would suddenly become

the lively evidences of vitally effervescent

revolt and lyrical mutiny against the disgustingly

decadent company of synthetic conventionalists

and their g.o.p.-praising embassies of gravely

un-changing craziness, so with a respectfully

retrospective fondness for the poetically

emblazoned pioneers that uniquely preceded me and

my generation, i will no longer be hopelessly

stranded within that rather dank and unsavory

period of sheer desperation for all-things-

revolutionary, for my own promethian epistles

of originally unleashed struggle will surely

abide and happily coincide with that tenaciously

solid continuation of millennially reminding a

westernizing babylon that we postmodern

hippies and eccentric comrades of oppression-

defecting resistance Shall OVERCOME///


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