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The Poetry of Robert Jones, Jr. Part 8

Updated on March 30, 2017

(It shonuff be that time to) break-the-cycle...[eternal death to the n-word]

(It shonuff be that time to) break-the-cycle…

[eternal death to the n-word]-edited version


Robert l. jones, jr.

(Osiris andwele chinelo)

My purely agonizing eyes of visually stinging

Distress be secretly observing that deeply

Excruciating mess/of my community-relating

Kindred of blessed afrikana origin getting so

Madly deceived/into crazily believing that utterly

Perverse-and-injurious myth/that they ought to

Haphazardly deliver their reverently imparted

Allotments of ever-loving regard-and-endearment/to that

Exceptionally heinous and despicable terminology of

Stoned acrimonious disgust and hostility/even that self-

Same malevolent grouping of sin-stained letters,

Which through some irrationally absurd mode of totally

Gross-and-morose reason/has been so predominately

Adored and worshipped up-and-down like the wonder-bewitching and

Insight-blinding effigy of a golden calf/that be

Futilely standing there in its falsely trivial stance of

Vainglorious majesty/upon a craftily assembled

Altar of wickedly rottoned-out wood and unpolished stones

Of semiprecious vanity/and with those incredibly naïve

Impressions of some consciously clouded thought-and-

Action/would many of my blackbelt-and-soulsville-dwelling

Tribes be surreptitiously duped into that morally

Crude yet smoothly shrewd notion/in giving forth their

Highest praises and roof-raising acclamations of insanely

Respecting sentiment/to that culturally defacing

Vocabulary of character-slaying mortification/which

Be so evilly comprised of two wrongly juxtaposed

Syllables and dialectical accent breaks of blackness-

Hating phonation/and it totally shatters up my soul-and-

Hearty fortitude of emotionally bruised-out temperament/when

I be covertly watching in highly uptight and irritated

Disbelief/my formerly excellent-to-death camaraderie

Of backsliding prime ministers and queendom-denying

Mistresses/as they be foolishly deciding on returning

(without defensive struggle) to that disdainfully abusive

And painfully humiliating mentality of psyche-chaining and

Brain-damaging slavery/for there most historically was

That erstwhile-abiding paradigm of dangerously

Insulting chastisement/when a radically demonic overseer’s

Racially enraging lips and a lynch-mobbing devil’s bitterly

Burning tongue done scornfully blasphemed a polytheistic

Assembly/of an elysian motherland’s fly-and-funky pantheon

Of divinely esteemed entities who are powerfully shrouded

About/with the afro-hallowed expressions of both immortal

God and homo sapien supreme/but without that righteously

Judging prowess of Anubis, horus, isis-or-Osiris/it

Would seem as if there wasn’t nobody in little afrika’s

Western plateaus who would be in that angrily hasty

Rush/in justly convicting-and-condemning those thoughtfully

Impure and mindfully corrupted Caucasians/who had

Mightily uglified our ebon-Asiatic aesthetic of soulfully

Perfected beauty-and-worth/with a horridly damnable

Lexicon mix of violently dehumanizing contempt-and-

Shame/which to this day is still perniciously rearing

Its hurtfully mischievous head of spiritually assassinating

Sabotage/at an internationally millennial host of sun-

Christened men-and-women/who have half-wittedly

Abdicated and ultimately left for naught that elevating

Sensibility of being an imperially proud and grandiose

People-of-color/thus, having that inner-mutilating

Brazenness to be wrongly recognized by both anglo

And Nubian societies/as being a shonuff bigoted

Slur of destiny-slaughtering disgrace-and-ruin/with

All of the cipher-denigrating arrogance of a

Willfully benighted stereotype caught up in an

Identity-destroying whirlwind of vilely initiated

Dishonor and suicidal ignorance/and in overtly tragic

Despair would wrathfully enflamed tears be pouring

Down and flowing fluently from melancholic sightedness/when

I’d be so helplessly affixed in my personal perceptions

Of anxious visibility/while looking on at the absolutely

Repulsive spectacle of my unknowingly abased-and-

Embarrassed lot of onyx-cradled sisters and brothers/as

They be manically snared and captured up like an

Endangered species/into that body and soul-snagging

Dragnet of sorely inflicted infamy and infinitely

Negative renown/and this is all due to the simply daft and

Moronic acceptance of that no good piece of

junk remark that done obviously got its verbally

Disastrous factors of strictly discriminating terror-

And-mayhem/and forreals we all are way too behind that

Expedient schedule in unanimously coming back together/and

Thereby getting in agreeable unison to that revolution-

Revolving persuasion/in officially stopping ourselves

Entirely from that lunatickie habit of wasting

Our sacrificial offerings of idiotically admiring

Homage/to the surely scandalizing offense of an

Intensely raw-and-gruesome moniker that was

Banefully derived from the irately reviling flames

Of hade’s own netherworldly perdition/and with the

Dynamically bolstering substance of some profoundly

Rediscovered awareness of who we really are in our

Equally collective duration of successfully surviving

Existence/let us be that generational example of

Blessed afrikana descendents who would be so

Evermore victorious in this dignity-regaining

Conquest/of vengefully pulverizing into powdery dust

The idiomatic slander of some exceedingly vulgar

Vernacular/that has been causing the grammatical

Catastrophe of subtly convincing much of amen’s

Solstitial heritage/into that satanically inaccurate

Falsehood that we were ominously destined to be

Thinking-and-living far below the augustly noble

Caliber of our majestic potential [in glory-performing

Eminence]/and that meek-and-lowly moment in strictly

Cold-and-demeaning chronology should now be

Fearfully facing that newly pythonic era of unrepentant

Oblivion/because it shonuff be that significantly

Needed time for naturally able-bodied and eternally

Visceral deities to greatly channel their

Magnanimous energies/into massively breaking

Asunder the viciously cyclical usage of that

People-cursing and village-degrading n-word/and

With some strongly intellectualizing tenacity would

We be in the phenomenal zenith/of finally

Laying it to abysmal rest in its perpetually

Lingering condition of a completely deceasing extinction…

R.I.P. to the anathematizing epitaph-of-nigga///


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