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The Poetry of Robert L. Jones, Jr. Part 2

Updated on March 30, 2017

Chilemba bekari foluke (my mind is in god's hands)

Chilemba bakari foluke (my mind is in god’s hands)


Robert l. jones, jr.

(Osiris andwele chinelo)

[those] consciously enslaving chains-and-shackles that

Once coldly wrapped themselves around the thoughtfully

Deserted playground of my numbly idle mindscape have

All been going through that heavily evicting transition of

Being mightily unlocked and forevermore loosened with

That soulfully emancipating skeleton key of zealously

Empowering knowledge about who I shonuff be within

This groovily up-and-jumping scenery of panoramically

Eclectic perspectives and them happily prismatic milieus

Of incredibly vivifying beauty (forreal), and wondrously

Embodying nature’s most regal-and-phenomenal queen be

A’handsomely performing all of her wittily inventive

Happenings of uniquely generating smarts-and-expertise,

And phantasmic imagination becomes the authentically

Believing summit of life-producing reality, when I would

Most definitely be vitally bursting out of the quietly

Humbled-out sepulcure of my bashfully reclusive

Chrysalis and be self-insisting upon the imminently

Prided excellence of wildly manifesting the charismatically

Winged verisimilitude of a monarch butterfly amid a

Crayola-embellished paradise of ever-flowering growth-

And-abundance (indeed), but with them purely conducive and

Righteously evolving inner workings of externally

Transfiguring virtue-and-creativity will this puissantly

Energetic ensample of radically metamorphosing innovation

Be so masterfully able and so readily quintessential

Within his mutably multitalented endeavor in

Dimensionally refashioning his divulgently expanding

Cipher of stoned original character into the manfully

Compelling and the spiritually evincing entity of a

Transcendentally esteemed colleague of surely

Dope, dynamite-and-out/of/sight(ing) existence, and deeply

Inside of those vastly multitudinal options on

Exactly how to emphatically represent the correctly

Identifying expressions of archetypal humanness would

I independently choose to courageously demonstrate

Them boldly personative waves-and-spectrums of some

Post Nubian-booming style-and-ebullience (galore),

And that negro-antiquated catastrophe of my Americana-

Bewitched cipher being suddenly asphyxiated with a

Cognitive strait jacket of trammeling indignity-and-

Disgrace is now an eternally distant figment of the

Evanescent past as my evermore maturing state

Of cush-educated intellect be so easily accustomed unto

That divinely utilizing prerogative of freely allowing

Every brainy gear and psychical mechanism of my

Mental 360s to soberly gyrate like a planetary

Wonderment in them perfectly circulating revolutions of

Ever-perpetual orbit and spherical perpetuity, and thusly,

There are no longer the wickedly spectral entrapments

Of culturally amnestic manacles being bundled about

My specially sagacious core of sanely superlative

Sensibility, for my pertinaciously pertinent propensity

Of pertly proactive continuity be truthfully provoking

My persona grata-behaving impulses-of-self to

Concentrate completely on that insightfully omnipotent

Handiwork of an endlessly invisible yet genuinely

Indisputable source giving forth its flawlessly

Optimistic real-deals of positively unveiling facts-and-

Persuasions that be spectacularly disclosing-unto-me

Them credibly conceivable notions about those

Greatly effectual successes and them stoned purposeful

Triumphs of rightly destined-out accomplishment just

Emanating cleanly like pleasantly aromatic frankincense

From my inherently visceral fortitudes of healthily

Versatile corpuscles and my microbial elements of

Madly chromosomal zip-and-speediness, and thereby

With that surely hip-and-peachy hit of some perceptually

Revealing evidence would I be suddenly catching

This dynamically enthralling revelation about a

Deeply cerebral alchemy of massively wrinkled-up

Wisdom and mercurial rationale as it be totally drawn

[like a born-again convert to a mercifully redeeming

Savior] to the gravitational influences of some ancient

Kemetan folklore or some laevulin-authored

Testaments of nubia-indigenous reflections and those

Thoroughly ebonizing ruminations-of-thoth that were

Inspirationally sparked from the mysteriously introspective

Biopics-of-rufus and the valiantly energetic briskness-

Of-ka, and from these shall a numbly idle mindscape be

Officially manumitted from all of those tightly

Gripping fetters and them grievously tautened links of

Wretchedly indoctrinating madness, which a long time

Ago done rigidly fastened onto my once bruised-and-

Wounded dome with blatantly falsifying delusions

Of subtly crafted beguilement about this neoamharic

Descendent of afrikan heredity being disdainfully

Tattooed with that gravely mortifying mark-of-cain,

And, furthermore, an angrily deceptive devil child of

Diabolical lividness would be wrongfully stressing my

Battered-and-abused cipher with that crazily idiotic

Myths that be a’talking stupidly about some

Obviously feigned and apparently fictitious jive about some

Clearly imaginary crapola about me being innately

Impaired with a mentally impaling jab of lancing

Humility’s painfully piercing angst-and-torture, but

Fabling inferiority’s violently spiking punctures have

Long since been healed up and permanently made so

Miraculously well by that constructively elite

Pharmacology of some godbody(ing) ideologies and those

Parapsychological patterns of an urbanaristocratic

Mentality, which with the upmost worthiness of

Velvety smooth and satiny slick effervescence do I

Ceremoniously wrap about my sapiently esteeming brow

As if it were the urbanely foppish and uniquely

Sophisticated adornment of a kente and paisley-decorated

Turban of scalp-covering honor and self-rewarding

Respect, so with those invincibly weighty endowments of

Some notoriously glorious strength and inner-encouraging

Positivity will I be wholeheartedly digging on the

Peacefully entreating proclivity of absolutely safeguarding

Every mindfully kaleidoscopic fragment of my upper-

Dwelling intelligence within the deific preservability of

The almighty’s lovingly sheltering hands of purely

Unchangeable care-and-protection///

Milk and Honey-Rupi Kaur


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