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The Poetry of Robert L. Jones, Jr. Part 3

Updated on March 30, 2017

Chibale (global kinship in the universal culture)

chibale (global kinship in the universal culture)-edited version


robert l. jones, jr.

(osiris andwele chinelo)

[an] eclectic diversity of multifarious kinfolk

are becoming so spiritually intermingled and soulfully

intertwined within a cultural conglomeration

of universally shared precepts and those equally

cooperating practices of expressive humanness

that be para-educating their fiery explosive

mysteries of mindfully mesmerizing enrichment,

thereby divinely brightening the most thoughtfully

obscure states of swarthy comprehension with

some mightily dilating illuminations of cipher-

integrating revelation, and the monochromatic

stagnation of a highly enlivened people’s collective

gray matter gets suddenly transfigured into a

psychedelic medley of kaleidoscopic brains that

creatively get blended together and evenly meshed

into that vividly abiding community of consciously

prismatic knowledge-and-understanding, and from

this colorfully eye-filling assembly of sundry

earth and uniquely distinctive clay, there is the

greatly coalescing phenomenon of many legionary

psyches communing coherently in the wisely

refining dwelling place of some mutually inclusive

oneness, where every lively element of fleshly

camaraderie and life-supplying blood be tearing

down those madly separating partitions and

globally divorcing walls of a millennial apartheid

(that should never be), and with the thunder-snaring

rhythms of charismatically booming drum circles

and harmonically chanting outcries of undivided

solidarity, a beautifully lineal family of righteously

outstanding cats and virtuously superb felines be

truthfully coexisting in that groovy verisimilitude

of an ever-ceremonial hodge-podge of fancifully

varied energies becoming so strongly unified in

a passionately kinetic bond of interrelating

excellence, and we specially designed and wonderfully

peculiar scions of an anciently maternal cosmos

be those radically fantastic ligaments and extraordinarily

enduring sinews-of-life, which has been so

infallibly pieced in kindhearted unison by the

highly intelligible perfection of an absolutely

powerful source of splendiferous infinity, and now

and evermore would be that vitally solidified

embodiment of a once naively isolated diaspora

of scattered bards and widely dispersed thespians

who has miraculously been stoned persuaded to

utterly abandon the wickedly intriguing anathema

of socially discriminating distance-and-seclusion,

so that with the predicating eloquence of some

exceedingly genuine fellowship, all inventive

manner of cleverly insightful verse writers and

magically versatile songsters be intimately

synthesized and smoothly espoused into a perennial

fusion of perpetually funky ideas and ingeniously

deep inspiration, and such artfully deliberating

tropes and epistle-dishing words-from-the-heart be

supremely releasing both their bohemian-and-promethean

deliveries of orally electric revolution to a

multitudinous turnout of ethnically exquisite

mortals who’d be easily flaunting the naturally

flattering beatitudes of their individually

cherished identities [in this world], but at the

same time be excitedly quickened to that

happily stimulating accord of proudly celebrating

and unconditionally appreciating the wildly

spectral aesthetic of multiracial glory-and-

radiance with those blissfully accepting embraces

and emotionally fervent greetings of tenderly

enfolding sentiment that would lovingly heal all

of the grievous wounds and sorely afflicted ills

that devilish hatred has so painfully perpetrated,

so every last one of us altruistic scholars and we

prudently penetrating savants of mind-opening

wisdom be so readily instant in that fluently

conversing season of speaking-and-singing-and-

rhyming-and rapping them unselfishly uttered

vulgates of sweetly magnanimous disclosure,

which be sincerely manifested from the purely

introspective power of some peacefully bestowed

argots flowing forth free-and-astutely from the

ecumenical tongues and ubiquitous lips of dope

lyric enthusiasts and them parnassian prophets of

victorious hope and deathless vision, and a planetary

tribe of fellow homo sapiens would begin again

to be a joyfully concerting gumbo of brotherly-

and-sisterly affection, once their spiritually

connected and soulfully magnetized dimensions of

empathetic assurance become that organically

akin league of melting pot inhabitants occupied

only with the invaluable program of engagingly

mediating and allying ambitiously within a

congregating zenith of some neighborly delight

and society-changing comradeship-for-everybody

under the benevolent sun///

Milk and Honey-Rupi Kaur


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