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The Pond In Our Backyard

Updated on June 20, 2011

Our pond in the back yard at the bottom of the hill

Winters left it lifeless, frozen silent, at a stand still

The heat from my skates carved life in the chill

But, now that you're gone, the rain has lost its will


Spring thaws this prison with promises to fulfill

Florals, fauna, weeping willow, join the potent distill

Your name the prayer from the mockingbird's bill

But, now that you're gone, the rain has lost its will


Summers on the swing down by humming fertile swill

Green stagnant home of life breathes upon the gill

The pond melds with inhabitants a fusion mix of dill

But, now that you're gone, the rain has lost its will


Time's changing hands point the slide downhill

Life in the pond, now quieter, as leaves fill the nil

Keeps pace with the silence in the home uphill

Now rain falls on empty in the absence of its will


The skates are long gone as sure as the thrill

Pivoting dance of innocence was lost in a spill

Do you watch over mom, do you know she's ill

Now that you're gone, dad, she's lost her will


The depth and complexity of my mom and dad's love made it impossible for me to choose one beautiful piece of music to adequately match their devotion to one another. My mother is undergoing a heart procedure today and I felt a strong need to tell you, my support system, my friends, my extended family, about the greatest love I've ever witnessed, my mom and dad's. My mom has spent the years since his death, seven-years ago, missing him, never getting accustomed to his absense nor acquiesing to acceptance that life still holds beauty. Without dad, life is a compromise and lacked it's greatest beauty for her. I ask for you, my friends, to please think of her today, as I am, with love.

As a word of explanation, the Andy Williams song was chosen in remembering a story my mom shared with me. When dad came to mom's home to pick her up for their first date, her brother, my uncle Kenneth, opened the door and was amazed by dad's resemblance to Andy Williams. He hollered from the door to my mom, "Hilda, Andy's here!" My dad, not knowing what my uncle was referring to, was jealous, as he thought he was mistaken for another boyfriend!

A special thanks to my brilliant friend, epigramman, in his help as the music master in suggestions for accompanying this piece.  Thank you, Colin.




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