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The Presentation-a Humorous Tale.

Updated on December 7, 2020
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I have been writing stories since my children were little. I included them in the stories and they learned to read and love it.

An Important Meeting


Where is the Briefcase

I have an important meeting today with my boss where I am supposed to give a presentation to several prominent company clients. I am rushing around trying to make sure I have everything I need to give my presentation. I have my best business suit on. My shoes are perfect. I have decorated myself with everything I need to look sharp and professional. I grab my keys and reach for my briefcase. It’s nowhere to be found. I gasp. Where is it? What did I do with it? Who took it? Suddenly, common sense takes over. There is no one here but me and the cats so no one took it. I must have left it in the office where I was working last night. I race to the office and look around. I have left the office a mess because I was so tired when I finally finished last night. I toss papers about looking for my bag. There, under the desk, I found it!



I grab up the bag, carefully tuck my notepad into the side pocket and grab it up. I find that it is much heavier than it seemed last night, and I wonder why. I brush away the worry. I did a lot of work over the past few days, so of course it would be heavier. In fact it was so full I hadn't been able to close the zipper. I rush out to the car, start it and race to my meeting.

Second Guessing...

In the waiting room, waiting for my meeting to begin, I take another moment to wonder at the weight of my briefcase. I look down at the soft leather bag sitting open before me. I have a few samples of cat food and cat snacks since my presentation is about those things but they had been in there before. I have stacks and stacks of research, and I have several copies of my report so that everyone in the meeting can follow along. Those had been carefully tucked inside before I went to bed. Well, I guess it would be a bit heavy with all of that in there. I sigh, sit back and try to relax. I know I have done a great job and I am confident in my abilities to win this contract.



The secretary tells me they are ready and I rise to my feet, grab my briefcase, and confidently stride into the meeting room. I place my briefcase on its side on the table while I greet those that are present. I then reach into my briefcase to get my reports to hand out.

Out pops a tiny head....
Out pops a tiny head.... | Source


Before I can get them completely out, a tiny head pops out of the briefcase and a soft meow is heard. Then my cute little kitten, Duke, steps proudly out of the briefcase, yawns, stretches, and begins to purr as he sits on my reports and begins to clean! Horrified, I quickly apologize to the members of the meeting and try to extract my reports from underneath Duke.

As I pass out the reports, trying to be dignified and professional, I see Duke walking down the table and getting pets from all those present. He reaches the end just as I do, turns and follows my progress back up to the head of the table. Then he turns to face the group, meows sweetly, and sits as if he is the king of the meeting. Not knowing what else to do, I proceed with my presentation. Duke sits still during the whole thing. When I finish, I ask if there are any questions.

The boss of one of the companies smiled and said, “Do you give all of your presentations with live demos?”

I blushed, the group burst into laughter and Duke once more walked the length of the table to get pets.

Oh yes, and I won the contract based on my creative visual addition for my presentation!

The Cat is Out of The Bag

Duke, a mischievous kitten, steals the show and saves the day. How can that be? Cats are notorious for causing trouble, but to ride in the brief case? I think it was the snacks and food. What do you think, could it be true? Take the quiz below and have fun. By the way, cats are intelligent, creative, and loving. And I believe this could happen. What do you think, could it be true? Take the quiz below and have fun, cats are always up for fun.

Do you think this could be a true story?

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© 2012 Cheryl Simonds


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