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The Professionals: Part Two

Updated on August 12, 2017

The "Big Apple" Becomes the Next Target For The Professionals


Part Two

Kyle's heart was pounding so hard it felt like it was about to come out of his chest and he would see it pumping its last few pulses before stopping on the floor. As the team pulled up to the first bank, Casper could feel his adrenaline start to take control of him. At this moment, he realized it was life or death time. Whether he died, or was captured and meant to rot in jail, it would feel like death either way. The pulled the masks over their heads, although everyone by now knew about these infamous masks, no one had a clue what faces were hidden under them. Making sure the coast was clear, the two brothers made the first move. Enter the bank loaded with enough weapons and ammunition to fight off what ever battle may be coming there way. Dexter waited until instructed to enter the bank. He was the look out. All seemed peaceful in the morning on this block of New York city. I was just passed nine, most of the workers were headed to work or already in their offices pushing paper work. Dexter got the okay to enter, and he chained locked the doors behind him. They made their moves for the cash. Hitting each tellers draw, they moved for the vault. After multiple threats to shoot anyone who moved, the vault was opened. The team was only going to hit certain stacks of the money. Trying to decide which ones had tracers, and which ones did not. Three minutes had gone by and the sirens began to roar in the distance. That was the cue for the team to move out. Using the secret back way exit the first bank heist was a success. They team made off with just over four hundred thousand dollars. It was time to move on to the second bank.

Just as planned and researched, the subway was right on time. And before the nine twenty was about to depart, the team made there move onto the train. Taking roughly twenty of so hostages, Casper made his way to the conductor. Showing he meant business, Casper held his 9mm pistol to the conductor's head and said “do as I say, and these people's lives will be saved. If you try to be a hero, you and the rest of the hostages will die.” They were simple but effective directions. Casper told the conductor just where to stop the train. As the train hostages and conductor were all tied to the trains sits and poles using military ties, the team entered the secret access way to the back of the bank. After waiting a few moments which seemed like eternity, the team suited up and began to rob the second bank. Moving quickly into the banks lobby, Dexter went to secure the doors as Casper and Kyle flashed there automatic weapons delivering the orders. “Get down, and don't move!” “No one wants to die today, and know one will have to, unless you do something stupid.” Again, the instructions were clear. They had a four minute window until they had to move the train so they had to act quickly. Again, the hit the teller drawers first, then demanded the vault to be opened. As Casper headed for the vault Kyle made sure that the hostages for the moment, were cooperating with the orders. As Casper was finishing up, little did he know his plan was about to meet its first complication.

After grabbing a majority of the money from the vault, Casper walks out and sees that an undercover cop is holding a gun to Dexter's head. Kyle has his weapon aimed at Dexter and the undercover cop. Casper immediately drops the duffel bag of money and lifts his riffle toward their position. The noise of the sirens grew louder and louder. Casper could see the red and blue lights begin to flash outside the windows. As Casper and Kyle began to move closer to each other, Dexter and the officer began moving towards the door. Casper knew if the cop got to the door, it was game over. As the officer made his move to free the doors from their security, something drew Dexter's attention away from Casper and Kyle. Kyle immediately turned to face what Dexter was looking at, and it was three S.W.A.T., members moving in from the secret access way. Casper with no hesitation began to unload his riffle in the S.W.A.T. Teams direction. This is the first time he has had to use it and his brother saw a side of Casper he never knew existed. This was the moment Kyle realized, this was the end of their successful bank robbery days.

Detective Sinclair was finishing his investigation at the first bank that was hit when radio calls started poring in over the air. Sinclair got the location of the second bank and was headed there. He figures he may still have a chance to bring these armed criminals to justice. Speeding through red lights and New York traffic, Sinclair made it to the bank in under ten minutes. His heart was racing and felt like it was beating a mile a minute. He knew this was the only chance we was going to have to put these “Professionals” behind bars for good. He was about to realize that this was not going to be an easy task when he arrived to the bank. Cop cars and S.W.A.T. Vehicles were all parked in front of the bank. Sinclair flashed his metal badge and made it up to the front of the police barricade. There was a moment of silence before all hell was about to break loose.

Casper ended up wounding one of the officers and they were forced to pull back. Now, Casper's attention was focused again on Dexter and his hostage taker. Casper pleaded with the officer to let Dexter to go. The undercover cop was reluctant to follow his orders. As the undercover cop made it to the doors, Dexter noticed his attention on the door and made a move for it and broke loose from the undercover cop's grip. As Dexter ran towards the brothers, Casper raised is riffle and pulled his trigger dropping the officer to the ground. Kyle looked at his brother in disbelief as his brother just killed a cop. The team was trapped. Casper told Kyle and Dexter to grab a few of the bank employees to use as human shields as the approached the front doors.

Casper looked out into the mob of cops and spectators and realized the closet vehicle from them to possibly escape was a news van that was capturing the news in the making. He freed the chains from the door and over the loud speaker heard the voice of an officer. “This is Detective Sinclair, we have the placed surrounded. Give up now, or you will be shot upon.” Casper never gave up on anything. As he slowly pushed the hostage out the door, Casper yelled back. “Let us go, or there will be hell to pay.” “If you want these hostages to live, back up and let us go.” Sinclair was never one to negotiate. He let the shooters and snipers know, if there is a clear shot, take it.

Casper pushed the six foot man out of the building with Kyle, his hostage, Dexter and his hostage to follow closely behind. Each step closer to the news van was a step that seemed rewarding. Moving slow motion Casper and the team were aware of what was around them. Men armed and ready to take any shot they had. The van was about twelve yards from them. It seemed like miles away. As they moved closer, the woman who Kyle was taking hostage tripped down on the bank stairs, exposing him to all the guns ready to take fire. Casper heard the fire of a gun shot. No knowing what direction it came from. There was a moment of silence, then a moment of chaos. Quickly the other two hostages made their break for freedom. The team was now in clear view. Another warning came from Sinclair, “throw down your weapons, and no one else gets shot.” Quickly when Casper came to, he began to fire upon the mob of people. Officers took cover behind whatever they could. The team had only one option of shelter, the news van. As Casper began to reload, he looked at Kyle. Kyle began to cough off blood. He was shot in the chest. The bullet pierced his side. He began to struggle to breath. Casper knew if his brother was not taken out of here soon, he was going to die in his arms. Dexter began to observe the positions of the police officers. Casper reloaded and made another move on the mob of people. Fire his assault riffle, the cops once again began to take shelter. Dexter made his move to the front of the van and began shooting off rounds towards the crowd. Sinclair decided he was going to make his move during the little window of chance he had. As both Casper and Dexter began to reload, Sinclair went towards the side Dexter was on. As Dexter moved around to the front of the van, Sinclair fired to shots towards Dexter. One shot hit him in the chest, the other killed him instantly when it pierced his skull. Dexter dropped to the ground like a sack of potatoes. Casper knew that this was it. This is how it was going to end. He laid his gun to the ground and grabbed his dying brother. Kyle's eyes looked very glazed and was barely able to speak. He told his brother Casper “we should have stopped while we were ahead.” Casper watched as his brother took his last and final breath. Casper knew his brother's death was because of Casper's greed. Holding Kyle in his arms, Detective Sinclair moved in on Casper. Casper looked up at Sinclair and said, “nothing matters anymore. My brother is dead because of me. My selfish actions killed the only family I had left in this world.”

A little over an hour and a lot of fire power, “ The Professionals” were finally brought down. Casper was sentenced to life in prison with no parole. Not a day would go by without thinking about how he was responsible for his brother's death. Sinclair wanted Casper to remain in prison until the day Casper would die because he knew it would be harder then to just give him the death penalty a few years later. Sinclair knew that Casper would become emotionally broken down the more and more Casper thought about his brother, and the consequences of Casper's actions. This was the justice Sinclair wanted. This is the justice he got.


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    • Fullerman5000 profile imageAUTHOR

      Ryan Fuller 

      8 years ago from Louisiana, USA

      hey thanks for the feedback. This is my first written short story. I plan to write more.

    • torconstantino profile image


      8 years ago from Maryland

      I've never read a fiction hub before - this was quite good! Thanks for sharing.


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