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The Profile is the Answer

Updated on September 7, 2012

It’s time to dust it up and sprinkle water on all that is green especially that which is not
I remember the quick shake of the head that set me back several years even though you forgot
In my son’s voice he wanders around the things he wants to say but cannot because he is afraid
The spiral staircase so quickly sinks us and then the walk back up is one step too many to be made
I spent the day looking at all your clothes and imagined you taking them off very slowly
I decided to tell you when you least expected so my control over your sex life would remain unholy
You failed to accept it in that capacity because even though it’s what you want it’s not what you allow
You are intrigued beyond the point of caring about outcomes or if I would speak of a vow
Even if you are ready to say yes to forever and no to the greatest night of your desires
I must understand how my respect for you is dependent on what that requires
And within the moment that I am building beyond the point of bursting dams
I find that in the calm mind and wait for your approval as a sacrificial lamb
Is the dignity that a grown man must somehow learn to know no matter his animal style
Where can I find the very thing that you do not want from me when all I see is your profile
My confusion over the next step towards a crazed moment is exacerbated by your stubborn guile
I can walk and walk and walk alone and pretend that unhappiness is best mile after mile
I know the trap I’ve set for myself is working all too well and it’s time to break free
But in the moment that I begin to run will you be party to the pursuit or will you once again reject me?


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