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The Promise of Spring

Updated on November 18, 2011

The Promise of Spring- Eternal Evolution of Life's Seasons

Enough of the ordeal and unforeseen anxiety

Enough of all sadness in intoxicated sobriety

What the fall had taken away was Nature’s course

What the winter holds could be further worse

What the journey has been and will be ahead

Whatever may be ‘que sera’ is beside well bred

‘Tis not the season that has been causing the fall

‘Tis not the falling leaves nor the Nature’s brawl

It could be a moment as life has moments infinite

It could be the ‘promise of Winter’ in natural fit

To call upon Spring in all shining glory and grit

Barring encounters of the sane mind’s retreat

Could it be not so encircled within mazed grounds

And detangle the close-knits in momentous rounds

Looking through tall lush grasses braving spring

And tackling summer’s blaze and monsoon’s swing

Adhering to what Nature intended in humble being

Carrying out the heart’s springs in eternal endings


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