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The Purple Unicorn in the Garden

Updated on September 2, 2014

You need me

Why are you in my garden?

This is the end of the world, Patricia thought as she dashed through the front door of her house. Today of all days she spilled coffee on her best suit. Patricia hurried to her bedroom and changed into another suit. She tossed the offending clothes into the waiting dry cleaning bag. She thought to herself “I will have to take that bag of clothes to the Dry Cleaners tomorrow. Yet another thing to do.” Just as Patricia was starting out the front door, she remembered she needed to check the back yard to see what the gardeners had done. She stepped out the back door into her garden. Patricia froze in her tracks. She wasn't expecting the purple unicorn. It just showed up in the garden at half past noon. Then again, does anyone expect something like that? Patricia certainly didn't.

Patricia said “Why are you in my garden?”

The purple unicorn simply said “You need me.”

Patricia huffed as she turned “The last thing I need is a purple unicorn in my garden.”

Patricia left and made her way back to the office, all the while going over all the things she needed to do in her mind.

Only you can see me

You can't stay here, what would people think if they saw you?

Patricia returned home after a long day. She was exhausted, and drained. In other words, just plain tired. She tossed her briefcase by her desk. Patrica had some work she brought home, but there was something she had to do. She just couldn't remember what it was. She stood in the middle of the room trying to remember what it was she had forgot. Patricia decided to walk into her garden. Maybe the fresh air would help her memory. There it was the purple unicorn still in her garden.

Patricia said “You can't stay here, what would people think if they saw you?”

The unicorn simply said “Only you can see me.”

Patricia huffed as she turned “Then I don't want to see you.”

Patricia went to her desk and opened her briefcase and went to work.

That is to bad

I just don't have time for you

After a late night of working on the things Patricia had brought home from the office, She had went to bed. Poor Patricia did not sleep well her mind kept working on her problems with no solutions. The alarm clock rang at 6 am. She climbed out of bed, and took a shower. Patricia struggled to get dresses.

Unfortunately because she was feeling so drained she did not bother to look her best. She staggered to her kitchen and made a cup of coffee. With coffee in hand she went to her garden. There it was the purple unicorn in her garden.

Patricia said “I am all grown up now. I don't have time to waste on silly things like purple unicorns in my garden.”

The unicorn simply said “That is to bad.”

Patricia said “I just don't have time for you.”

Patricia went to work.

I am your hopes, your dreams and your imagination

What in the heck are you?

Patricia came home from work drained and sad. Her boss had called her into his office and demanded to know what was going on with her. Patricia wanted to cry when her Boss was talking to her, but she didn't. It was the worse day she had ever had. Patricia went strait out to her garden and there it still was the purple unicorn.

Patricia screamed “What in the heck are you?”

The purple unicorn simply said “I am your hopes, your dreams and your imagination.”

Patricia turned to go back into the house, but before she left, she looked over her shoulder and said “This is ridiculous!”

Patricia went into her bedroom and threw herself on her bed. Patricia then proceeded to cry herself to sleep.

Then take me for a walk

I think I do need some hope

The next morning Patricia woke up. She was still in her work clothes from the day before, laying on top of her covers. Patricia pick up her phone and called in sick to work. She was truly sick, sick and tired. Patricia got out of bed and went out to her garden. At first she didn't see it. The purple unicorn had become so tiny. Patricia went over to the tiny purple unicorn and carefully picked it up. She stroked it's tiny head and said “I think I do need some hope.”

The tiny purple unicorn simply said “Then take me for a walk.”

So Patricia took the tiny purple unicorn for a walk. As she walked she noticed things she had forgot about. The beauty around her. The things she use to take great joy in. The more joyous Patricia's heart grew the bigger the purple unicorn grew. Soon Patricia had to let the purple unicorn down to walk beside her. On their walk they came to a beautiful park. Patricia sat down on the grass and for the first time in a long time she meditated. When she was done she felt fully refreshed and rejuvenated.

When they returned home Patricia said to the purple unicorn “Should I take you out in the garden?”

The purple unicorn said “No, I think you will remember to keep me with you for now on.”

It is important to take time for yourself

No matter how busy you are, it is important to take time for yourself. Everyone needs to recharge their batteries. No matter what works for you, be it meditation, exercise, praying or being creative, you should set aside time to do it everyday. The more we use that part of ourselves the stronger it becomes. When we are fully charged we are more able to use our creative side to solve problems. Just remember the more you focus on the troubles in your life the bigger those troubles become, until trouble is all you see. If you look at the good things in your life, and recharge your energy, well then the troubles just become more manageable.

The Unicorn Song

Recharge your Batteries

What do you do for yourself

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