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The Quantum Philosophy - a Poem

Updated on April 7, 2017
writejt profile image

Great men of the past and present who found interest in the esoteric questions the day were off the mark. He is trying to fill that gap

One who wants to

Conquer a woman

Will neither,

Conquer nor retire.

The one who can't

Win an argument

Will always

Look for new debates.

The one who will

Do as you will,

Will never

Appear familiar.

The one who won't

Share your freight

Will always

Be full of kindness.

The one who do

Open your faults to you

Will rarely

Be cited thankfully.

The one who won't

Help when you want

Will later

Be benefactor.

The one who did

Stop your little end

Did in fact

Lift you big height.

The one who didn't

Permit you take it

Was in fact

Making you grand.

But the one who would

Service all my need,

Though benevolent,

Hostile in intent.

And those who wouldn't

Get up to assist,

Not only unkind,

Also in no mind.

The secret in that case

Of good intentions,

Only to be seen,

In actual motion.

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