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The Queen Of Highlands Ranch, Colorado

Updated on August 13, 2013


How shall we begin?

Hmmmmm .

I, the sparrow,

You the archer.

I soared freely,

Long until I CAME upon your bow .

I, the sapling,

You the woodsman.

I stood sturdy,

Long until you CAME upon my wood .

I, the sailboat,

You the Zephyr.

I sailed destined, long until


Far, TOO FAR, off course .

Hmmm . No!

FOR, the QUEEN stepped out,

Before her court, which

Planned, in secret,

Her demise.

FUNNY, is it not, how

HISTORY repeats itself.

Even in the most separate of markets .

HER JESTER, whom she CLAIMED she'd loved, had

Known it all the while.

In the end, the JESTER found, that

He'd been dying all along,

Regardless of his feelings for

The QUEEN of Highlands Ranch .

WHY did the QUEEN hate JESUS, so ?

(Why did she hate herself, as well?)

Making offensive, self-effacing statements, such as

"Love Plus Money Equals Balance."

A statement which had left the JESTER

wondering, if GOD at all, played any part,

In so offensive an equation .

PEOPLE are NOT real .

It is only the PERCEPTION of people which is real .

People are seduced, and yeah . . . SEDUCTION IS DIVINE.

(For, in the end, it shows us how to live our lives much more like Christ.)

IT'S much as I have always said:

"Die with a habit, go to HEAVEN with a jones."

Or . . .

"The space of TIME between mirages reveals

Everything in moderation makes a million bucks."

FUNNY, is it not, how

History will repeat itself?

Even it the most SEPARATE and SEGMENTED of markets.

Yes, the QUEEN stepped out,

Before her court,

Which planned, in secret her demise .

FUNNY, is it not, how

History SO repeats itself?

For I the sparrow, you the archer.

I soared freely long until

I found that, THAT which through the air MUST travel, like

An arrow, bull's-eye bound.

And THAT which through the air MUST travel,

Takes me to my heart's TRUE LOVE . . . . .

© 2008 - Three Doves Media, LLC


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