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Political Poetry: The Rabbit Chasing Carrots

Updated on June 16, 2013

Hear the clinks and clanks

Of gold coins

Falling like the waterfall

Of your hopes and dreams.

The water sends you crashing,

To the jagged rocks below

Who wreak havoc upon your body,

Till there’s nothing left.

Hear the jingle jangle

Of loose change,

In the cup of the beggar,

You ignore every day,

As you peel the leather off

Your hundred dollar shoes,

So that you can make it in time

To a boss,

Who gripes about every nickel and dime,

He is wasting

On your poor miserable existence.

Listen to the pitter-patter,

Of a grown man’s shoes,

Who was once the child

You swore to love and protect,

But the demands of your lifestyle,

Made you miss out,

On the moments

That meant the most to him.

Listen to the beep-beep-beep

As you lay on a hospital bed,

Regretting every second

You wasted

Chasing after clinks and clanks,

Jingles and jangles,

Ignoring pitters and patters,

And the thump-thump-thumps

Of your heart

As it gave out on you

Serving a master

Who never even

Took the time

To know your name.

Take a bow,

You did yourself proud,

You lived the life

Of a rabbit chasing carrots,

He was never meant to eat.


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    • profile image

      Dori Wheeler 5 years ago

      Another great scribe! I like the topic and we better use it before freedom of speech is taken away!