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The Reasons We Live This Life

Updated on January 30, 2015

Life is About

Life is about doing
Not Getting
Life is about growing
Not about sitting still
Life is about helping
Not complaining
Life is about loving
Not about hiding
Life is about smiling
Not frowning
Life is about giving
Not about taking
Life is about listening
Not about bragging
Life is about singing
Not about being quiet
Life is about asking
Not about demanding
Life is about tasting
Not about gorging
Life is about playing
Not about the sidelines
Life is about happiness
Not about sadness
Life is about attracting
Not about repelling
Life is about tomorrow
Not about yesterday
Life is about adding to
Not about subtracting from

All of this leads one final thought
Life is living for eternity
Not about living for the here and now


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    • Nikki Major profile image

      Nikki Major 5 years ago


    • writer20 profile image

      Joyce Haragsim 5 years ago from Southern Nevada

      Good poem and you made your point.

      Voted up and beautiful.

    • whittwrites profile image

      T.B Whitt 5 years ago from the Philly area

      Thanks for your comment

    • Made profile image

      Madeleine Salin 5 years ago from Finland

      Life is about finding positive things in life. Nice work.