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Criminals Out Of Hand

Updated on August 27, 2011

“BANG BANG BANG!” “Mom!!! Mom!!! Where are you? Where are you mom?” She cries. Bullet flew across her head while she ran across the apartment to find her mother. Her mother screams, “Daughter watch out!” Pop! Behind her daughter head she saw and suddenly falls to her knee. Her mother cried and cried…tear rush through her like waterfall and she whimpered to herself, “I wish it was me.” She crawled her way to her daughter and held her daughter lifeless body. Her daughter blood drool all over the cement and so is other kids…

There are so many innocent people, whether it is children or adult, they have been killed everyday by gangster out in the street. So many young teens and young adult get into criminal street gang and start going against one another without even knowing each other personally. Because this kid represent this color and that kid represent that color, they end up fighting each other without knowing who they are fighting against and for what? I remember back in High School we cannot wear red or blue to school because if we did, that mean we are part of a gang member and in my head, I was a little confused about it. So my favorite color is red and I like to wear red, does that make me a gang? I don’t think so!

Our school principle wouldn’t allow us to wear those two color because it represent something that could cost us our life, which I was okay about because he was just doing it for our personal safety. But now, there are gang color such as black, white, and gray. Does that mean we can’t wear that color either? I mean what’s up with the color and gang these days now! Just because this kid represents this color it doesn’t mean you really have to kill him because he represents it. It is really irritating to see so many young kids in their early teen getting killed because of their own action or someone else action. Gang should be enforced! And this should start at home! How? I don’t know…but really we have to find a way to help our community to be a better place for our children.

I have parent tell me they wouldn’t allow their children to play in their front yard because they are afraid of drive by or kidnappers. I totally agree and I would be devastated to have my children going through this. Gangs place a huge affect on neighbors and every other community and I believe that we have to do something about it. Police, FBI, CSI or whatever neighborhood watch program out there isn’t really going to do us much because they aren’t around 24/7. By the time they get to the scene, the victim has been dead few minutes ago. The best thing that we could do now is to learn to self defend ourselves. I know it is difficult for some people and I am going through difficulty myself but this is the best way to help ourselves from being the victim.

Violence now has been part of everything whether it’s at school, home or at a party. People would get in fight and those action became aggressive that cost another person life. Like for instant a young Cambodian boy was beaten to death by groups of gang member because the boy decided to jump out of the gang. Was it his fault that gets himself into this trauma? Yes, but it doesn’t mean he deserve to get killed. Every parent out there doesn’t want to bury their son or daughter. I don’t have children of my own but I definitely would not want to bury my children.


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    • chanroth profile image

      chanroth 6 years ago from California, USA

      Hi Torys and Tom, thanks. @Torys, I'm glad that gang is not part of where you live. Its best to live in a peace and quiet place. Thank you! :)

    • profile image

      Tommy 6 years ago

      Gang has been part since the era of KKK...being passed on from generation to generation. It is obviously understandable that teen decided to go in the act of gang because they wanted to fit in. It is very sad to have teen going through such thing. By the time they understand, they have handcuff behind their back.

    • Torys Ten profile image

      Torys Ten 7 years ago from Central Utah

      I am grateful that gangs are not a part of where I live. I wish there was an easy solution to the existence of gangs. Actually, I know it starts with strong families, and strong families start is personal responsibility among adults.