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The Representative

Updated on February 28, 2009

The person that makes your first impression is "The Representative"

The Representative
By: Rhayme Roumel

At last we meet again my friend
As time goes on I get to know
I find our bond has grown I send
My love to friend as well as foe
Time will past and you will fire
The representative that you hire
To share with me your inner truth
And relinquish all your heart’s desire
What’s this you ask?
Is this who I am?
Oh sure my friend with merry flask
Getting to know the man behind
Your representative is quite a task
What did I find?
Your representative is a liar
I think it’s time now that we part ways
Our friendship now so bitter sweet
Representing numbered days
My friend a stranger on the street
I’ll see you again and again I’m sure
But who I met and who I knew
I’m sure, I’m sure I know no more

-Brief Description

The Representative is the part of the personality that comes out when we first meet someone. We tend to act as our own PR-Rep(Public Relations), finding everything good about ourselves, and avoiding our negatives. The Representative is often untruthful, and finds many ways of manipulating information about his or her past. Eventually, the representative is fired and our natural persona takes over. This is when things get dangerous because we often forget the information divulged under our representative. The relationship forged is either true or false. If ever a contradiction, the result may be tragic and a relationship may be lost prematurely.

Are you who you say you are?

Do you represent yourself truthfully when you first meet someone?

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