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The Return Of The Jatites From The " Super Earth " Planet : With a Bit Of Satire Included.

Updated on February 18, 2017
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My name is Ruby. I write poetry, flash fiction and short stories. I am a dreamer who believes in equality for all mankind.


The year is 2025. Technology has soared in gigantic steps. A new James Webb telescope was launched here on earth and scientist were amazed to discover a " Super Earth " far beyond our earth planet. They were known as Jate 22c. The people had lived in this space since the world was formed by God. Their technology was far advanced above our earth planet. They had manufactured huge space ships for pleasure travel and exploration. The Co 2 emissions have reached a critical mass, the oceans so acidic, marine life destroyed and food became scarce.

The Jatites launch a fleet of interstellar arks to seek out habitable planets beyond their own system in order to survive.

Only one ark survived the hunt and is now orbiting our earth planet. The ark is ten miles in diameter. All earth's attempts to communicate with the ark has failed because we were unable to penetrate the sound barrier surrounding the ark, until now.

The first sound coming from the ark was total static but with many technical adjustments made, we finally were able to communicate with the pilot. She informed us how her planet was slowly dying and three fourths of her people had perished due to lack of O2 and food.

She told us the size of her ark and after carefully strategizing with other scientist, was instructed to land the ark on the Great Basin Desert, the largest U. S. desert, covering an arid expanse of about 190.000 square miles and is bordered by the Sierra Nevada Range on the west and the Rocky Mountains on the east.

Naturally, President Trump was notified as well as a few members of congress and the senate, Plus his friend President Putin. They were all waiting in excited anticipation as the ark descended from the heavens.

The president thinking aloud, " Immigrants, now Aliens, what's next? "

They were all astonished when the most beautiful woman stepped out of the ark. She was at least six feet tall with snow, white ivory skin, long red hair that cascaded down her back reaching her tiny waist. She wore a flimsy see through outfit that showcased her large breasts, and striking beautiful long legs.

The president gasped in disbelief. Out of the many women he'd known, she was the most captivating.

The desert wind stirred causing her outfit to show off her voluptuous curves. His hair blew awry causing his toupee to move forward. He quickly put it back in place and moved forward, extended his arm and whispered, " I'm sure we Americans can find adequate space for you and your people, get in my awaiting limousine and we'll discuss this further in my private quarters in the white house. "

Kellyanne stood aside with an envious look on her face, thinking, " How in the hell am I going to fix this?

This is a response from a writing challenge offered by Genna East " The Encounter "


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