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The Return of Planet X - The communicator Part 2

Updated on June 1, 2011

Zephour reaches Earth

The one thing Zephour was not looking forward to is the nausea. It was a common thing with wormhole travel. You would have thought that by now they would have been able to overcome this physical effect, but the intergalactic academy members were not so lucky. He had already been through wormholes during his academy training, it was a necessity, so he knew what to expect. This trip though would be a bit more intense. Although, theoretically speaking, distance should not be relative when it comes to wormholes, but the intensity of the bend in space would have to be increased depending on the light years that are to be travelled. Effectively, traveling through a wormhole would take some “time”, but would not necessarily keep you in the same time you came from.

Because of the curvature of space, communicators can travel vast distances in a short period of time. This would effectively put them into the past of the destination they plan to travel too. Scouts have for many years visited earths past to try and influence the future of humans, but without much success. The changes that they were capable of making just had far too many consequences which would eventually lead to an alternative future, but leave the current reality where it is. They would make two earths continuing in different times on different parallels. Research by the Galactic federation has shown that it could potentially destroy their current status on the dark star, even though they came from Earths distant history. Absorbing this kind of physics was essential for communicators. They had to be aware of the consequences of their actions when encountering alien species or even more importantly, humans.

Again he was snapped out of his day dreaming. “NEXT”, the operator said with a now very stern and somewhat agitated tone. Zephour wasn’t particularly a trouble maker, but he did tend to push the boundaries a bit. He can recall one occasion when he had just joined the academy and seriously pissed off one of the instructors. A very close friend, Altazar, had joined with him but Altazar didn’t make the grade. That wasn’t before he and Zephour had the chance to run amok on the campus with their practical joking. Being a mastermind at chemistry Zephour and Altazar had pulled off a simple school boy prank by replacing the instructors soap with a chemical composition that eventually made the instructors ears very swollen. Having no long term, or painful side effects, they thought it to be a simple prank, but they weren’t so lucky. They had picked on the wrong instructor and found themselves scrubbing down the ranking officers digs every day for what seemed a life time. Needless to say their pranks would be directed away from the instructors in the future, with the cadets their preferred targets.

He climbed into the pod and strapped himself in. The pod would act as his vehicle to travel through the wormhole. Earlier tests to allow them to travel through the wormhole without any protective casings proved to be, well, just messy on the other end. Many communicators lost their lives like this. Testing is ongoing.

Zephour, in appearance, looked like a human male of about 25 years old. He had light brown hair and was pretty attractive. The physical training at the academy had ensured he had quite a toned physique, but nothing muscle bound at all. This was done deliberately. He would fit in on Earth quite well. No one would for a second think he was not from there, but in fact from the future. Inside his pod was a travel pack relevant to the time he would travel to, 1995 on Earth. He had to wear a jump suit when in the pod to ensure that while traveling through time his carbon body would not be affected by the leap and effectively turn him inside out. The operator locked him in. Lights where flashing on the board in front of him. He could hear the control room barking out instructions to the crew in the launch room. He started breathing heavy. It was time.

The operator checked everything then stopped for just a minute and stared. Zephour had seen this guy many times. He tried out at the academy but didn’t make the grade so ended up as an operator. Kind of like the dumping ground for academy personal that didn’t make it. “Good Luck”, the operator said with a concerned kind of look on his face. “Make us proud”. He locked the pod.

It was fairly dark in the pod. Zephour was now completely isolated from the rest of the ground crew. He felt alone already. In fact he could have been anywhere in the universe at that point.

There was never a count down to launch. It was decided that doing so would not benefit the pilots in any way, except make them anxious and by doing this could affect the particle acceleration through the time hole. It was a long time ago that they had determined that emotions affected out state of being and it was our state of being that was determined on launch and re determined on arrival. The results of this could be fatal.

Zephour was still preparing when he heard the noise. He was familiar with it but had forgotten just how loud it could actually be. His last wormhole was some time ago now and also just to a neighbouring planet. This time it was intense. Their were tiny light particles forming just in front of him. Slowly they would move towards his chest and then go straight through him .He never felt a thing. Slowly the particles became more and moved faster until they had become like one great shiny light that past straight through him and then suddenly, silence.

“Dark star 1 to communicator 2, do you read me?” Silence. Zephours pod floated in dark space.

“This is Dark star 1 to communicator 2, do you read me communicator?”

“Zephour!, this is Dark star 1, do you read me?”

“This is communicator 2 to Dark Star 1, I hear ya”

“That’s good news communicator 2, please confirm you have arrived at your destination.”

Zephour peered out the side view panel to his left. It was situated slightly higher up than his seat so he had to stretch his neck to see through it. Nothing. Deep space.

“That’s a negative Dark star 1, no visual yet.”

Zephour reached for the lever by his right hand and pressed the button once. A small burst came out of the side of the pod sending it into a slow spiral.

Slowly, through the small window, Zephour could see it. Earth.

The brilliance of the blue planet left him breathless. Zephour felt his emotions over coming him. It was ok, he was alone in space so it was ok to feel this way, for now at least. He stared at Earth with a smile. He was home.

Next! Zephour boards the Explorer and finds a surprise there!. Click here for Part 3!

Please follow me to find out the rest of Zephours journey to save Earth.

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