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The Road That's Home and Other Poems

Updated on November 3, 2016


I have written poetry now and then over the years, and recently I decided to dust off some old poems and give them a home here on HubPages. This collection is spiritual in nature; my poetry usually arises out of my walk with the Lord, or things I have been considering while reading the Bible (though I have written some other types of verse). It has been interesting for me, to say the least, to read some of these over a decade after writing them. It sometimes helps to look back and see where one has been while walking with the Lord. I hope something on this page speaks to you.


The Road That's Home

I have been walking, walking, walking—
Where, I do not know.
This road is twisting, turning, leading
To where I shouldn't go.

This path, once pleasing, tempting, luring,
Has become a game.
My heart is crying, writhing, dying,
Filled with guilt and shame.

Now I am looking, looking, looking
For the road that's home.
A place of singing, dancing, laughing—
Where I'm not alone.

There's a Voice calling, calling, calling—
I can hear my name.
A Hand is bidding, leading, guiding,
And I'm home again.

To my friend, searching, seeking, roaming,
Out there on your own.
Hear our Lord calling, pleading, saying:
"Come home, child, come home."


A Saviour
A cross
Great gain
No loss

A grave
Is empty
The blind
Now see

His mercy
Won't end
To you
He extends

True love
Now receive
This gift
And believe

New life
Is yours
His blood
Your cure


Once in a distant land
People dwelt in bondage
Lives built on sinking sand
All searching for the truth
Trying to understand
The meaning of freedom

Then to this distant land
Came the Man from heaven
And stretching out His hands
He gave His life away
So they could understand
The meaning of freedom

To hearts in distant lands
The lost, come and see Him
Extending nail-scarred hands
In love—take hold of them
And you will understand 
The meaning of freedom



We are shallow men
Never seeing
Never knowing
Where real life begins
We are dying
Always trying
To atone for our sins
Apart from our Creator
Who is
Ever seeing
Ever knowing
Where real life begins
He was dying
And in trying
He atoned for our sins


Without You I have one thing:
With You I have one thing:
In life we search for one thing:
In You we find one thing:


Listen, can you hear?
A symphony of sound
Beyond your imagination.
Nothing like it is found
Upon this mortal sphere—
In heaven it abounds.
Ringing out crystal clear,
Floating all around,
Pouring forth His sweet salvation
Like rain upon the ground.
And I know He is near
When I hear this hallowed sound.


Daily Prayer

Father God, thank-you for this day,
Help me to do what is right;
And in everything I do and say,
Let others see Your light.


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    • Rhosynwen profile image

      Rhosynwen 5 years ago

      @ whonunuwho: you are welcome. : ) Thank-you for your feedback.

    • Rhosynwen profile image

      Rhosynwen 5 years ago

      @ shofarcall: thank-you. I love seeing the hand of my Lord at work, in me and in others. Have a blessed day.

    • whonunuwho profile image

      whonunuwho 5 years ago from United States

      Very beautiful work and so gratifying to be able to share, thank you for this, my friend. whonu

    • shofarcall profile image

      shofarcall 5 years ago


      It's great to come across poetry or writings from time gone by, as we can see from where we are, how the Lord has had His hand on us and has steered us ever homeward. Thank you for sharing this collection with us. they are all, meaningful and rich in the many ways the Lord communicates with us. God Bless