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The Road to Justice

Updated on March 23, 2016

The road to perfection means different things to each and everyone of us, to some it means the road to justice, to others the road to redemption but whatever it means to you, the truth is that when life gives you lemon, you must make lemonade from it.

Her name is Mirabel.

She wanted one good thing in life and he was her connection to get it at a moderate cost, all he intended to do was to assist a friend and he gave his all then linked another who is few meters away from Mirabel's sole desire. It is not that she cannot acquire it in her neighbourhood but the ones that comes direct from Europe rings a bell so the deal was made and all modalities met by Mirable but everything turned soar because the link was weak.

He tried everything to bring the link to order but he dodged and went into hiding because of the distance between them. Mirable and her contact stood for each other against the link but somehow, Mirable changed her stand and took her anger for the link's incompetence against her contact who was only trying to help her, he tried to make her understand that he was doing his best to get the link to refund all that was given to him but she saw his best as not good enough so out of frustration she turned against an innocent friend.

I was an observer, i saw everything and without seeking explanation, i knew that Mirable was being too harsh on a godly man, i couldn't intervene then one morning, i saw her standing at the door of her contact with two fellas who happened to be cops. They took her contact to the Police station for questioning regarding his dealing with her and at the Police station,he gave his own side of the mess caused by his link in Europe but all the cops wanted was a refund, they didn't cared where he will get the money to pay back Mirable and Mirable's sole desire was a full refund despite the fact that she knew that her contact did his job but his link messed it up.

He didn't know how to go about it but honestly agreed that he is responsible for the mess caused by his link so he took the blame and accepted to pay back what he didn't squander in full, he mapped out his payback formula and signed a written undertaking to abide by his agreement to pay back in full but that gentleman agreement wasn't enough to keep him away from the cell for a night. I watched the senior officer signalled his junior to open the cell door and push him into the cell. However, i was moved by his strong will to stand against the injustice done to him for being good to a friend and when i asked him what he feels, this is what he told me...

"In life sir, things happen for a reason, and i have no regret about today and it will not stop me from being good but the truth is that Mirable is simply seeking a redress, not against me but i am her contact with the link in Europe so she is right to hold me accountable but wrong to pour her anger on me knowing very well that i did what she asked of me but i will pay her back the money then deal mercilessly with my link because sir, what goes around comes around and the road i see today, is nothing but the road to justice".

I watched him as he rested on the cell iron gate then with a sign of bravery, he signalled me that it was getting late that i should go. I checked my time and it was already 7:45pm. Well, he spent the night in the cell and the next day was out on bail. I am wondering if Mirable knows the gravity of her action because for all i know, she went too far against an innocent man.


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