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The Sandstorms of Libya

Updated on August 29, 2011

April 14th, 2016

    The sands whipped up around us, something horribly wrong filled the air, the coarseness of the sand found their painful way into our ears and mouths.  The camels even had a strange stride about them, their legs stance almost cautionary as the men walked to the oasis to acquire our daily water ration.  I hope we can fix this drought that has been plaguing the villagers, drunks at the bar speaking of horrific rumors; stories of strange objects patrolling the skies outside the normal hunting grounds.  Not only do these stories tell of these objects trailing the skies, but also that they are causing the droughts that terrorize our people, men, women and children dying at least three times a day.  There must be something we can do, I don't feel right stepping out from my house anymore.

April 28th, 2016

    There is something outside the village, it's bright blue lights shining through the sandy desert air, a large object for sure, some kind of ship from the heavens of Allah.  What do we do now, it hasn't moved for days now, and all the villagers are afraid to go near it, people have gone missing and there has been sightings of strange creatures just outside the village walls.  I have even found one of my aunts slaughtered just outside her mud brick house, a large hole where her chest once was, her exterior still smoking from some kind of magical blast.  I don't know what did this, but i know it's motive is not of the Koran, a hardened creature with no conscious or emotion whatsoever.  I don't know what to think anymore, will I be next, or someone else in my family, hundreds have already had their souls taken by the creatures.

May 26th, 2016

    Why...why us...them things...someone with a gun just shoot me...I'd rather that than being killed or captured...their making us all slaves...there's gun shots and blasts outside of my house...This world is ending and it's because we have sinned so horribly...this isn't what Allah wanted...we have defiled all that is good and pure...and in return there is bloodshed and sadness throughout the world...I'm in my room...the do..door...wait their trying to get in...I have everything against it...all my furniture and all I family is all gone...they took them.  There's a door out of here from under a rug next to leads undergro...wait their coming going under...Allah help me...

June 12th, 2016

    Allah...oh Allah why have you failed us...these creatures from another world have enslaved us...they have allowed me to keep my notepad as they feel like it's not a threat to them...they want us to write...they know our language somehow and they use our writings against us.  I'm taking a small break from mining their precious mineral...their life support substance that they use to breath in their biological suits...they have set up a city above ground...humans aren't allowed to enter it for fear of execution...this is going to be the last entry i'm going to write...if there is anyone out there that can save us...please our civilization is begging you...


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