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The Scratched Voice

Updated on September 7, 2014
Pair Love Come Together
Pair Love Come Together | Source


only for enmity,

come to me,

just for giving,

a pain to me,

once again.

Come to me,

just for leaving me,

in my loneliness,

once again.


Forget all that,

you have done,

when you pretended,

to be an ointment,

but gave me,

unbearable wounds,

Come to me,

just for showing,

the people,

once again.


How can I,

answer to everyone,

and tell them,

the reason,

of my loneliness,

Come to me,

if you are angry,

just not for me,

once again.


Till now,

to give pleasure,

to my heart,

there are hopes.

Come to me,

just for lighting off,

the flame of last hope,

once again, finally.



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