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The Search: A Story Told In Serial Form

Updated on January 6, 2015

"My brother Angus was the better swordsman, but my arrow always held true and found its mark, even in the strongest wind. Father had always maintained that my eye, my sure hand with a bow, could easily bring down a charging bull. My brother would roll his eyes at such praise leveled at his younger sister, but it was just as precious to me as the charm Mum made us wear under our tunics...."

And there marked the first mention of a charm worn by Amidelanne, the first woman archer to have ever made captain in the King's Army of Talisierre. I marked the page with a broken quill and shut the heavy tome with care, leaning back in my chair with a sigh. It had taken more than two months of painstaking research through the collected histories of Talisierre. The histories were a set of twenty volumes, each book more than two thousand pages of recorded events, written in a cramped hand.

I'd finally found what I was looking for in volume nineteen.

(To be continued........)


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