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The Search: A Story Told In Serial Form Part 2

Updated on January 10, 2015

Part Two:

I made quick notes of my own about what I'd found, the quill making soft, scratching noises on the slip of parchment. Then, tucking the slip into my knapsack, I shut volume nineteen of 'The Histories of Talisierre' and placed it back among its siblings.

I'd found what I was looking for, some mention of a charm worn by Amidelanne, but it wasn't much - a mere throwaway comment, to be frank. The charm had no importance attached to it, in the eyes of the historians. Other than it was a gift from her mother, there was not even a description of it in Amidelanne's own words.

And yet, legends had risen about this charm, this bit of magic worn around a young girl's neck. A girl who became an archer in the King's Army, then rose to the rank of captain. So it did have some meaning, both to the wearer and to the person who began the stories surrounding it.

I reclaimed my seat and leaned back, my eyes drifting closed as my thoughts swirled.

How had these legends of a charm not described come about? Did it still exist? What sort of magic did it claim? And who wanted it badly enough to commit murder?

(To be continued........)


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