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The Second Floor Part Two

Updated on January 28, 2017
prettynutjob30 profile image

Mary has loved writing ever since she was a young child, writing and reading have helped Mary through some very hard times in her life.

The Gruesome Discovery

Mara was pretty pleased with her dirty, little deed so much, that she went into Charisma's room several times, checking her pulse, just to make sure she was really dead, before her parents arrival. She placed everything strategically in her sister's room, the bottle, glass, pills, letter, she didn't leave one stone unturned. Well except for the red marks around Charisma's mouth from Mara forcefully making her drink the tainted liquid. But Mara was confident with all the other evidence pointing to suicide, she would be fine.

Around 3 in the afternoon Mara's parents finally arrived home from there surprise vacation Mara had planned for them. Her parents were laughing as they opened the door, their vacation had been amazing. Mara's parents had tons of bags full of goodies for both of the girls. Little did they know, that their oldest daughter had murdered their beautiful baby. They called for both girls, but of course Mara was the only one able to do anything. Mara's parents asked where Charisma was. Mara gave her parents a puzzled look and said she didn't know, and that hadn't even seen Charisma leave her room all day, what a little, evil, liar she was. Jolie looked at her husband and said "maybe she is sick? We should go check on her." Mara kind of mumbled under her breath, "she is sick alright." Jolie asked Mara what she had said?Mara was quick to change the subject, and replied, " maybe she is mommy? Let's go check on her."

Jolie, John and Mara went up to the second floor where Charisma's room was, and knocked on the door. Mara trying to cover her tracks made sure to throw in another lie, by saying she had knocked on her door several times throughout the day with no luck. This made Jolie quite nervous, she had to check on her angel. She tried to open the door, only to realize it was locked, then asked Mara to hand her the keys to her sister's room.

Jolie unlocked the door and ran to her baby, to make sure she was alright but was horrified when she saw her baby's lifeless body on the bed. She burst into tears and tried to resuscitate her lifeless daughter back to life. John called 911, screaming for them to come help his beautiful baby they were heartbroken, well all except Mara.

911 came and verified she was in fact dead had been for a while, they then spotted the malicious letter Mara left on the dresser, and handed it to Jolie. She was so upset why would Charisma end her life, she had everything. Mara hugged her mother, acting as if she truly cared about her sister. Then told her mother it must have been all the bullies at school, who had driven her sister to end her life. The truth was the only bully in Charisma's life was her evil sister Mara, she didn't have any other enemies Charisma was a saint. 911 took Charisma's body and said they would have some tests done on her body to rule out any foul play, this put knots in Mara's stomach.


The Call

The next day as the family was getting ready to head out to the funeral home to make arrangements, they got a phone call from the police department saying they suspected foul play, due to the abrasions on Charisma's mouth. Mrs.Adams slammed down the phone as soon as she heard what was said, surely to God they were wrong, the only one home besides Charisma was Mara, if only she knew what a bad seed, her beautiful Mara had turned out to be.

She dismissed the call and went to the funeral home; it was bad enough she was burying her baby today, she didn't have time to deal with anything else. Once Jolie, John and Mara arrived at the funeral home they met with the director; he introduced himself and explained the process of planning the viewing, funeral and burial. Jolie and john was in tears through almost the whole meeting. Mara noticing the somberness of the room, decided she needed to add some crocodile tears of her own, she could have won an Oscar. She began screaming, and running around, saying how much she loved her sister, and wished she had just one more day with her.

After all the plans were made Mara, and her family left the funeral home. When they arrived home they were unpleasantly surprised by a P.I. sitting on their porch. First thing that popped into Mara's mind was how she hoped they didn't know it was her. She was the first one to greet the investigator, she didn't want to look guilty. Jolie on the other hand was not so welcoming she was highly peeved that anyone could possibly have the nerve to ask a parent who just lost a child, questions about how the child died.

The P.I introduced himself as Mark Tolley, he said that there was some evidence that their daughter might have been murdered. Mara getting extremely nervous asked Mark what made him think such a thing, then pointed out the note. Mark told Mara people write fake notes all the time honey, Mara about choked she was so scared.

To Be Continued ............


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    • kashmir56 profile image

      Thomas Silvia 5 years ago from Massachusetts

      Getting more interesting all the time.....awesome !

    • Gypsy Rose Lee profile image

      Gypsy Rose Lee 5 years ago from Riga, Latvia

      Had missed this. Getting better all the time on to part 3. Passing this on.

    • rcrumple profile image

      Rich 5 years ago from Kentucky

      This one slipped by when I saw part 3 published. Good job!