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The Second Floor Part Three

Updated on September 3, 2017
prettynutjob30 profile image

Mary has loved writing ever since she was a young child, writing and reading have helped Mary through some very hard times in her life.


The Interrogation

Mark noticed something was incredibly weird about Mara's behavior, so he asked her if she had something she needed to tell him about what happened that night. Mara immediately started crying her river of crocodile tears, what an actress. She looked at the P.I. and cried out, "of course I don't if I did I would have told you, she was my best friend."

Jolie hearing what Mark had said, immediately came to her daughter's defense and asked him to stop. She told him, "how dare he ask such questions, from a girl who just lost her sister." Jolie who had lost her sister at a young age as well felt so much sorrow for Mara. She had no idea that Mara had murdered her beautiful baby Charisma.

Jolie looked at Mark with tears of such painful sorrow and begged him to wait. It was hard enough burying her daughter, she didn't have time to deal with anything else. Mark obliged her wishes and told her he would give the family time to mourn their loss, and walked away. Mara was so relieved, she was astonished at how committing the perfect murder, had been so easy.

The following days went by rather quickly for Charisma's grieving parents and wicked murderess of a sister. The family had Charisma's funeral, so many people showed up to pay their respects. From all the alleged bullying that Mara had described Charisma was going through, Jolie wasn't expecting much of a turnout, the burial was just as somber.

The Room On The Second Floor

Weeks went by in the Adam's household when Mara started to notice her parents had finally quit crying every night. She had always wanted Charisma's room, even after she had gotten the room she had begged and pleaded her parents for, she still secretly wanted Charisma's as well. So her being as deceitful as she was, thought what better time than now, to ask her parents for her sister's room. She knew of course that she would have to mention some colossal lie about how much she missed Charisma and use that as a way to get the room.

Mara went to her mother in full theatrical mode, she burst into tears and begged her mother for Charisma's room. She told her mother she just wanted to feel closer to Charisma, and having her room would somehow make her feel as if a part of Charisma was still there. Jolie burst into tears as well and told her of course she could. Not knowing the true depths of Mara's wicked soul, Jolie felt completely heartbroken for her.

Mara began to switch rooms immediately, she was so pleased that her devious, evil plot had went as just as planned. She threw away almost all Charisma's belonging, all except for the beautiful Necklace their mother had bought for Charisma, her Charisma's lovely hairpins. She always knew she wanted the beautiful necklace as her own, even before she killed Charisma.

Months went by, with not one word from Mark, nobody seemed to pay too much attention to the accusations he had made. Jolie just wanted to move on with her life, so in her head she had figured that maybe Mark had realized it was a tragic suicide and not a murder. Mara was beaming with such evil delight, she had gotten away with killing her baby sister, she was so pleased that she had managed to fool everyone, all the years of wanting Charisma dead and finally she was gone.

One night after Mara had done her usual round of partying, and drinking enormous amounts of hard liquor. She stumbled upstairs and into her room, to notice a letter laying on her bed. She was so wasted, it took her a while to make out the words, but after a while of focusing on the words she began to see them clearly.

The letter said, "Dear Mara I loved you, my heart and yours are supposed to be as one why did you kill me". In complete shock and horror, a very drunken Mara threw the letter to the ground and ran to the bathroom. She splashed her face with water a couple of times and told herself she must have read it wrong. After staring in the mirror, she headed back to her room to confirm what she said was right, only to find she was wrong, very wrong.

Mara read the letter again and it said exactly the same thing she read the first time. Mara went from being totally drunk to sober in less time than it took her to read the letter. Surely someone was playing a sick prank. Mara thought, maybe it was her mother trying to get her to confess, she ran downstairs screaming for her mom.

Jolie asked Mara why she was screaming, Mara looked at her and said, "thanks but no thanks for the letter mom." Jolie asked Mara, what letter she was talking about? Mara who was usually good at sensing if people were telling her a fib, could tell her mother was being honest. She quickly changed the subject, not wanting to seem suspicious and went back upstairs.

Even though Mara was quite perplexed about who might have written the letter, she tried to erase all the doubt she had from her mind. After all nobody would have ever suspected her to have done such an evil deed, she cleared her head and fell fast asleep. She wouldn't sleep very long though Mara was about to get a big reality wake up call, things were about to change for the evil vixen.

To Be Continued ..........



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    • kashmir56 profile image

      Thomas Silvia 5 years ago from Massachusetts

      Oh yes now were are getting to the good stuff !!!

    • Gypsy Rose Lee profile image

      Gypsy Rose Lee 5 years ago from Riga, Latvia

      Better and better. Passing this on.

    • rcrumple profile image

      Rich 5 years ago from Kentucky

      And the plot thickens. Awaiting part 4. Good job!