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The Keepers Missive 1: The Secret of the Gates & Otherworld

Updated on November 26, 2013

Bible Possibility

Do you think it is possible that God intended Man to live on other planets beside Earth?

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The Beginning of the Story

The Keeper’s Missive:

The Secret of the Gates

I am a Keeper, a Shomere. I am a keeper of secrets and histories. I am a Keeper of the Trust. We Keepers, the Shomerim are charged with remembering. We must remember. For man has forgotten much, too much. But the Shomerim remember. Let me tell you what you may not know.

Thousands of years ago, before Motherworld was broken, our first father, Redman, held a secret. He had seen what curses could do. For man, like a plague, spread across the earth and walked in the way they wanted. They threw off the bounds and chains of the Sovereign, Malech HaOlam. They broke all the rules. They even manipulated the language of all flesh. They made monstrous creatures that should not have ever been. Monstrosities roamed the earth in a painful and tragic existence, casualties to the sons of the gods.

Our father, Redman, refused to tell his sons all of his secrets. Every secret that he told them was misused to do abomination on all the earth. Violence and blood stained the soil as well as the soul. But one secret, our father kept this one secret above all. It was the secret of the pearl houses. These looked like what you might call a pyramid. While the fallen sons knew about them, they did not know the true nature of them. The fallen sons assumed that they were simply natural monuments of the Sovereign, erected in his own honor. They saw them as crystalline maps of the stars. Beyond that, there had no reason to suspect their true nature.


Our Father's Death-bed Secret

So, our father kept the secret until his death bed. He told the secret to only one, our father Humble, Lemech. Now, our father Humble was hunted down by an abomination. That unnatural man towered over Humble. Though Humble defended his life valiantly, he was grievously wounded, to the death. The abomination was cleansed, the giant’s blood spilled to clean the soil. But Humble would die as well.

In his last moments, Humble told his son named Rest the truth about the pearl monuments. They were gates. The sovereign had made them so that man would be able to spread through the heavens. But how could our fathers allow that? Redman saw what we had become. We were the creators of illness and abomination. We were the ones that practiced murder and deception. We changed the world from what it was meant to be. Our father saw the curse of the thorn imposed with our presence. So, Redman kept his secret until his death. Humble gave the secret to our father Rest. And Rest carried it until the world was broken.

After the world was broken, Rest thought that all the pearl gates were also broken. So, he told his son, who was called Name. But what Rest did not know was that his other son, Fury, was listening. Fury told everyone. For all men were weary with the broken world. They longed for the days when beasts spoke to men and were men’s friends. They longed for the days when the earth gave the fulness of its increase and the sea did not overtake the land.

So, the sons of Fury searched. They wanted to find any gate that might still be open. They divided the whole earth in that day. They mapped and explored looking for the pearl monuments. Now that they knew the true purpose of the pearl houses, they did not rest until they explored all the world. They found some, but all were broken. None of them shone any longer with the iridescent shimmer. The gates they found were dead.

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The First Shomerim: the Keepers

The sons of Fury searched. This meant that the sons of Name must search as well. For they would keep the gate. If there were any gates that were still alive, man must not use them. The sons of Name knew the truth. The moment that man stepped through any gate, he would spread the curse of the thorn to that otherwise perfect world. The sons of Name would not allow that. They would keep the gates. These were the first Shomerim. They were the first Keepers. But they were too late. For one group of the sons of Fury found one gate hidden below the earth. They sons of Fury went through before the Keepers could stop them. And the sons of Name saw the footprints in the sand telling the full tale.

The curse of the thorn spread to that other world. And that was what the Keepers called it. It was Otherworld. The Keepers had some choices to make. They could allow the sons of Fury to degrade and defile Otherworld. Or the Keepers could go through the Gate and stop them.


The Laws of the Gate

The Keepers then made the Laws of the Gate. They would be posted in the gate for all to know.

- If you chose to go through, you can never return to Motherworld.

- Eat what you will from the wilds or your own garden, but no flesh.

- Do not murder any living soul, beast or man, or your soul will be slain.

- Honor and obey the Keepers, for they watch to protect us all.

So, some Keepers stayed on Motherworld to protect the secret of the one last living Gate. The Keepers did not want a flood of humanity to pour through the gate and defile that Otherworld as Motherworld had been destroyed. Whoever came upon the gate could go through if they would, but on the condition that they never return to spread the secret.

Most of the Keepers went through the Gate to Otherworld to find and deter the sons of Fury from destroying Otherworld. They were the Keepers of the Gate. They were the Keepers of the secret. They were the Keepers of Otherworld.

When beasts and men were friends

by Andrew Grosjean
by Andrew Grosjean

Author's Note:

This is fiction of course.  I would like to designated it as "Creation Science Fiction."  Like traditional Sci-Fi, we seek to take real world ideas of science and extend them into the furthest reaches of possibility.  This is what we have done here but we have used the Bible as the source of ideas.  So, we have tried to make a world where nothing that happens nor anyone that exists is in contradiction to the truths of God's Word.  You must know that above all, we believe that the Bible is God's protected and inerrant Word.  We have woven together Biblical concepts with fiction in a way that may surprise you.  I am not suggesting that what happens here is true.  Obviously, I made it up.  But there are some things that are true.  You will need to examine and explore the Scriptures yourself to see if something is possibly true or not.  That is the real fun here, to see the Word of God come alive with possibilities that we might not have expected.  Let me close by saying my primary goal in publishing these stories is to get the children of God to examine the Bible more carefully and deeply.


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    • Glenda Grosjean profile image

      Glenda Grosjean 6 years ago from Wayne, MI

      This is great! I haven't read it in a long time, but, you really should consider pursuing this more. I enjoyed reading it!

    • Ande Moore profile image

      Ande Moore 7 years ago from Austin, Texas

      Very nice, I enjoyed it greatly. I shall continue with the others. Keep it up and have fun.

    • djbraman profile image

      djbraman 7 years ago

      What a prolific writer you are and artist, I don't know how I missed you, but great to be connected to your hub! God bless you my Brother in Christ!

    • profile image

      AK Nicole 8 years ago

      It seems I'm not the only one who likes to look below the surface of the words in the bible. I look forward to seeing where you take this story.

    • profile image

      Preacher Todd 8 years ago

      good stuff bro!