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The Senses For Those Who Can't

Updated on August 11, 2019
alexandralang profile image

Alexandra Lang is a 25 year old performer currently traveling the world, writing about her time around the universe.


Red. Can you hear it? The sound of blood rushing through your ears when you become angry. You can feel it when you touch the hand or soul of someone you've loved for so long. You can taste it; the heat of your favorite morning coffee. You can smell it, burning. Growing stronger every minute.

You may think you only see darkness, but you are seeing so much more.

You are seeing the pink of someones lips when they press against yours. You are seeing the green of the forest when you smell the leaves growing wide. You are seeing the blue of the ocean as it touches your skin.

You are seeing more than some can ever believe.


Feelings have two forms. Physical and emotional. You can touch someones hair just as easily as you can touch their soul. But what you don't realize is which is more important.

I would rather feel something inside my mind, my heart, or coursing through my whole body, than I would on the first layer of my skin. You can 'touch' a hand, a cheek, a collarbone, but why would any of that matter if it doesn't reach past the flesh.

You might not be able to feel the sharpness of a knife, but you can feel the stab in your heart when someone tells you they don't love you. Just as you can feel the flower bloom quickly in your stomach when they say they do.

It doesn't matter if you can't feel the crevices on hips, collarbones, or legs.

What matters is how you feel as they move.


When you breathe in deeply, the air seems to feel several different ways. Depending on the atmosphere, it may feel heavy, light, or maybe it may not feel like anything at all.

The smell of the air is similar to the taste of rain. They each have so many components and twists and ties, but each drop of rain, each breath of air, has been reincarnated through the earth more than a million times.

You can't smell that. But you can breathe it. It takes someone with no sense of smell, to have all sense of air.

Maybe you can't smell the sweetness of the honeysuckle, or the aroma of an oncoming storm.

But you can breathe it. You can understand. And maybe one day, you can relate.


Depth in sound is richness in silence.

The most meaningful things happen when there is no sound and only feeling. You get to experience that all the time.

You hear music through the hands of so many people. Each one has a different story to tell, and you get to hear it all.

You see things the way I will never be able to see them. You look through more than just their words. You get to hear stories that will never be told with anything but silence.

You hear louder, you hear softer, and you hear better.

But you don't just hear. You experience. You live through these stories. With each hand movement you open up the loss of silence into the richness of sound.

You hear everything.

The sound of the violin is nothing when it comes to the sound of silence.


Go outside and take a deep breath in through your mouth, and hold it.

Look around at the tree's and the grass, the birds and the stones, the water in the stream.

Let out all the air in your lungs and realize that no matter who you are, no mater what sense you do or do not have, you just tasted the earth.

Maybe you could not physically taste the haze of the air with your tongue, but you tasted the air with your lungs, and with all the air in your body, pumping blood through your veins.

I cannot tell you what blueberries or wild cherries taste like, because they taste like the memories you feel with them.

Your tongue doesn't decide whether or not you taste anything. Your memories of how the sweet air felt in your lungs that day does.

So taste the earth, because you are more than capable to.


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