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The Sheep and the Lion

Updated on February 26, 2016

My true Love...

This was what he called her. My true love.

When Edu left his country to pursue a greener pasture in Europe, little did he knew that one of the things that awaited him in Europe was what makes every man whole. A True Love so it wasn't surprise that all he found to suit her was to change her name to 'my true love'. Of course she reciprocated his unconditional affection by going against her family wish to be with the one man she found the world in. To her, Edu was the center of her world.

These two pairs became subject of controversy because when Edu brought Ednar back to his root in Ngwa, not only did his people rejected her but his Father considered it a taboo for his first son to marry a white woman but like the tale of moonlight, Edu was able to convince his Father to bless him and his bride but that was achieved because of his Mother's relentlessness to see that her son's happiness was not cut short.

She loved Ednar like every good mother in-law would and Ednar who found favor in reciprocating gestures bombed her with gifts.

Two years into their controversial marriage, Ednar became a frequent visitor to her husband's town and to show her determination to blend with the family, she started visiting alone, an action that made Edu fell deeper in love with her because not all European would feel the way she felt about Africa and Ngwa then her timid in-laws but she accepted every cut and corner of Edu from heart.

Her Father kept trying to terminate her marriage with Edu but the more he tried to make her see reasons to walk out from the marriage, the stronger she bond with him. Sometime last year.

Ednar visited Ngwa to supervise the school project but went missing barely forty eight hours of her arrival in the community. All effort to find her turned out negative and the situation forced her disturbed husband to fly back home. He contracted the Police and other security operatives to help find his wife but there was no clue of her whereabouts.

Edu believed that whatever happened to his true love didn't come from outside, he believed that her disappearance was an inside job but the fact that no one called for ransom worsened his plight but of everyone he could trust or seek advise and help from was no one else but his father who didn't showed remorse about the whole situation. Edu knew his father very well so he went to him in confidence...

- Mazi, please do you know anything about the disappearance of my true love? He asked his father

-Nwam, There was this sheep that befriended the son of the lion, they loved each other but their respective families didn't support their relationship so one day, the sheep visited the lion's den, her friend wasn't around but his siblings, mother, father and relatives were the only ones around and it was during a festive season in the animal kingdom. The sheep's family began searching for her when she didn't return home but tell me my son, who will give account of her?

He kept flashing his tongue as he spoke and Edu understood one thing with his reference about the sheep and the Lion.

I don't know what he understood, do you?


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