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The Silence Of The Night

Updated on November 17, 2016

Complete Happiness

All day long we get busy doing hundreds of things

Our minds don't stop

We act as if we are racing to the finish line

The truth is the finish line we see is only the starting line

So our journey is always beginning not ending

Each day I am experiencing my own highs and lows

Today I feel extremely happy we accomplished so much

It may be routine for so many other people

It is a list of things to do

That grows without water

It also grows faster and larger than miracle grow

My wife and I start out in two different directions and will meet up later

We eat a brunch because we slept later than expected and had to skip breakfast

We went to Apple Bees where they have buy one entree get another free

A little savings never hurts

We caught up on the earliest thoughts

We both slept slid through the night

I was exhausted and went to bed early

I said I would probably get up in a few hours

That didn't happen

My wife watched a few of her t.v. shows

Climbimg into bed she said I was so quiet

She checked to make sure I was still breathing

We stopped for gas

If we waited any longer our car would be running on fumes

We make it a point to gas up when we have a little less than half a tank

Because we drive so much

This time it slipped our minds

We have to fill up every day

We stopped in the Dollar Tree and found a few things

Twenty one dollars later

We headed out the door

They had the cutest gift boxes I ever did see

They were made out of cardboard decorated nicely for Christmas

In my family not to many little ones left

So most people we give to get gift certificates to resturaunts ,gift cards or even cash

In the boxes they looks a little more exciting

This way they can buy what they really want

Today so many want computer games and things I am not familiar with

As long as they are happy I'm happy

Then we ended the day food shopping

My wife will buy different sale items in three different Supermarkets

I usually will nap in the car and the food store with the bulk of our shopping I will come in

I find things get a little overwhelming

People can be good or bad sometimes

What should be a quick in and out

Becomes a major ordeal

The sale item they had they are out of

They will check out back

Mind you it's only the second day of the sale

Some people are rude

Some people are in a hurry

They never want to bag the milk

When we ask them nicely could you double bag everything

The plastic is so thin

The plastic bags break through

If we have enough plastic bags at the house

We bring our own cloth bags

They work out well

When I was little

Back in the day

A lot longer ago than I like to think

I use to help my mother with cutting out coupons to save a few dollars

We would pull out the coupons faithfully

You swore it was a bible

Looking to save some money

Checking the dates

Using up the oldest coupons before they expired

Now I don't use coupons

I don't even see them around much

The print is so small

I have trouble reading them

Another sign of age slowly creeping up on me

I can pull out those trusty reading glasses for that magic moment

Then tuck them away quietly

Trying to convince myself I never really needed them any way

My wife is on to me

She keeps her glasses front and center

She deals with age a lot better than me

We are getting old

Our bodies are constantly giving us little reminders

I feel like I'm on an Easter Egg hunt

My mom and dad use to scatter little chocolate candies and change around the house

You think we struck it rich

Dimes and nickles

We were extremely lucky if you found a quarter

Turning every room upside down

Sometimes months later a dime would fall from the most unusual place

We would all laugh

It was such a good spot

We couldn't find it

My parents forgot they even put it there

So my wife was walking two days ago and her knee buckled

She has been pampering ever since

After a few steps she says it's still sore

I feel my elbows hurting

Work related so I rub them as if it cures them instantly

Until the next ache

Then I do the same ritual again

Surgery down the line

Unless I change careers

I don't see that happening

Every day our bodies give us minor and shuttle clues

We never know where we will find the next ache

There are too many flaws too mention in such a short space

So let you tell me about the greatest part of my day

Yes it's wonderful sleep

Once my head hits the pillow

I am sent to heaven on a private jet

I do not have a care in the world

Then when I wake up the next morning

Slowly I come down from the clouds

It is as if the cold medicine you were taking

The one that was working so well

Suddenly stopped

It didn't take long to remind you

Your not untouchable no longer

You have crossed out of the safety zone

The warning flags just went up

So as I go on my own kind of adventure

My mother later in life would say

Don't complain about your problems

No one wants to hear you

You think it's easy

Just wait

Enjoy all the good parts in life

You will find a way to make it through


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    • DREAM ON profile imageAUTHOR

      DREAM ON 

      23 months ago

      Gypsy Rose Lee I have learned when my day takes a turn lean into it and see how far you can go. If I fight it I get so frustrated and off track. Thank you so much for commenting and sharing. HappyThanksgiving and have a beautiful day.

    • Gypsy Rose Lee profile image

      Gypsy Rose Lee 

      23 months ago from Riga, Latvia

      I always look to find something that is good or something to smile about. Often times my cat Sid gives me something to smile about. Our nights here in the suburbs are so quiet that I find if I get inspired I can work all night long. Several nights ago I was working away totally lost in my world when suddenly something or someone bothered the Rottweiler Tory next door and he let out a loud bark which totally threw me for a loop and it took me awhile to get back to normal.


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