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The Silver Locket in her Pocket and More Paranormal Poetry

Updated on March 2, 2015

The Silver Locket in her Pocket

The locket was all that was left.
The locket was all that was left. | Source

As She Grasped the Silver Locket

The locket in my pocket?

It is all that is left from before that night.

I hold it, as the looking glass taunts me.

An anchor as I try to deny my plight.

I see the white face in the mirror,

It's in the eyes you see,

Truth pours out in copious spurts,

When the dead pools bore at me.

Sunk as the deepest well,

The pathway to the soul.

Silently screaming out what he did,

The sinful truths they grasp and hold.

A full day now has passed,

As my reflection now retreats.

Burning, pain engulfs my veins,

My broken heart can no longer beat.

I have no need to sleep now,

Whilst waking nightmares have begun.

They entwine me in cold fingers,

I weep, remembering what he's done.

Moonlight pervades the darkness,

Like a candle in the crypt.

Dark shadows appear on my inner walls.

He took it all, my humanity stripped.

He fell upon me softly,

As the moon was in the sky,

Biting down, he drained my blood,

Left in the snow, but not to die.

He told me as he left me,

'Understand what you've become.'

'I have set you free.'

'Our immortal life has just begun.'

I feel an urge inside my heart,

Beating through my veins.

I hear him calling out to me,

My resolve grows weak, one hope remains.

The candle flickers in the crypt,

My time's now running low.

The vampire's call is turning me,

The clock ticks down, soon I must go.

Before I cannot reach the light,

I grasp my locket, the only chance.

I push the silver into my heart,

It's ancient light. I must enchant.

The silver grants my fiery end,

That dark master cannot make me stay,

Those prayers I urged in the darkest hours,

Release my soul, as I fly away.

She Gazed From the Attic Window


The Lady at the Window in the Long White Dress

She gazed past the candle, shining on the glass.

As it's flame wove softly, she watched the hotel path.

Around her, layers of dust, hung on stagnant drapes.

Moonbeams cast the spectre's shadow, as they watched her wait.

Silently she pressed, her face onto the glass.

White waterfalls of veil, echoes from her past.

Saddened eyes alight, upon the drop she'd faced.

Remnants from a life, from which she'd been displaced.

She'd known that he would come, the same as every year.

Drawn to what he'd never lost, a means to allay his fears.

In her silken gown, she drifted down the stairs.

Seeking out her kindred soul, momentarily lost to all her cares.

Sitting sadly on his own, within an empty hall.

Time had won his youth, but never touched his soul.

Grey head bowed in reverie, deep lines upon his face.

Still a man of courage, with a heart of love and grace.

She sat down beside him, and reached out her cold hand.

He seemed to sense her touch, He seemed to understand.

Always a believer, although their lives had been unfair.

He felt her touch upon his face, breathed her perfume in his air.

He couldn't see his Adelaide, but he knew that she was near.

Fifty years had rolled away, but still he came each year.

He loved his bride just as much, as before the accident that day.

Aware her presence..... Just as his love..... Had never gone away.

The White Wizard is Watching

The White Wizard stood on the beach,

The sand ran through his fingers,

Gritty and course like life,

His white hair wails in the wind,

His beard billows in the breeze,

As the sands of time slip away,

He begins to chant,

An old rhyme, a sacred rhyme,

Words of meaning. His long cloak blows around him,

Like a wolf, the wind rises and howls,

Released, set free

The sands are all gone, time is no more,

The wizard has stopped it all,

Silenced our unspoken love,

The hourglass now empty, tommorows all lost,

The people didn’t see what happened,

If they had, they would have spoken,

They would have uttered their love,

Truths from the heart,

Wept and prayed. Children held close.

The masks would have fell,

The wizard stole time,

Remember the wizard,

He comes in many forms.

Trust your heart,

Free your words, whisper your love,

Show your real self,

Remember always,

The true value of what you have.

As Dusk Fell Down


Voltare's Bastion

She saw the most beautiful man,

Walking down the dusk cast path,

Tall and dark with a face of distinction,

Skin of ivory and the looks of a lord.

Through secret stares between the drapes,

Her wide eyes stalked him from the window,

Whilst in her head their essences mingled,

Visualised in several sorts of sin,

For seven nights she watched him wander,

Safe inside her own sweet head,

Hidden as she always had been,

Imprisoned by both walls and limbs.

Then his steps, suddenly stopped,

Moving slowly he raised his head,

Voltare's eyes were on the window,

Upon the woman in the bed.

Francesca gasped, her breath now gulping,

His opal eyes were on her face,

They seemed to bore deep inside her,

Probing, pushing, claiming his place.

In that bed, her body broken,

Legs without a means to move,

Now he stood outside her window,

She closed her eyes to escape.

His cold breath fell upon her neck,

Her tears rolled down in silent trails,

Piercing pain struck down upon her,

As Voltare fangs ensured his race.

Francesca moved in delirious circles,

As she never could in the human years,

Aware the price to find her body,

Was to watch her soul disappear


The Watcher and his Lone Wolf

A howl hurled into the white sky,

Thrown tightly with vengeance.

A lone wolf wailed a torrid cry,

Circling the crypt with knowledge.

The watcher began to wander,

He chanted a cold, dark rhyme.

An old ode with bad intent,

A back breaking of mankind.

Foul steeped smells of sulphur,

The people felt the fear.

Strange movements manifested,

Dark creatures crawling near.

The sky began to split,

Trees began to bow.

A wailing wind began to roar,

The time was ticking down.

Now the tide was torrid,

It erupted against the land.

Like white headed horses,

No stone was left to stand.

Heavens opened wide,

Forked lightning hit the sands.

The watcher now was laughing,

As man’s fate lay in his hands.


The Binding Contract

I had finally pushed it too far to fight,

Crossing that line, just too many times.

Blinking I sat up, dark eyes agog,

Afraid to acknowledge my pending moirai.

Soft winds washed, over my weary bones,

Stroking sharp cobwebs and cares away.

A lulling sun kissed and soothed my skin,

As I crossed a crevasse where angels played.

I sprinted on with the speed of a child,

Lungs no longer leached and squeezed in tight.

Sunbeams fell around me in shards of gem stones,

A labyrinth of hues on the pathway to light.

Laughter and love rode upon the air,

As green grass softly tickled under my feet.

Mountains and deep rivers stood all around,

The essence of honeysuckle for all to breathe.

I laughed out loudly, a shrill, sharp affair,

At me breaking in Nirvana's back door.

A lifetime of greed and helping only myself,

They'd always said I'd pay for my sins.

Well here I was, a pass handed for free,

I had gotten away with all that darkness before.

If I had known how easy it was going to be,

I would have pushed harder and taken much more.

Suddenly the sunshine faded away,

Green grass turned to ashes under my feet.

The air became acrid, humid and burnt,

The rivers ran red and the mountains looked bleak.

The beautiful angels were flying away,

One turned and looked me right in the face.

I knew then, I 'd blown my very last chance,

As tears streamed down that angel's cheeks


© 2013 Anna Haven


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