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The Sweet Sounds of Fate

Updated on February 20, 2021

The Sweet Song of the Sirens

I stand on the beach shore
waiting for the moment to explore
and when I look up towards the moon
I feel faint, and not a moment too soon
I hear this soft hypnotic singing
and I know I must be dreaming
the sweet sounds try to lure me in
rippling through every inch of my skin
tempting my innocent soul
is damnation its' only goal?
the soft wind sweeps through the air
chilling my body as if it were bare
then I hear a voice so distant
telling me to come here, this instant
like an open invitation
with a little more persuasion
I look up and see the stars hanging low
over the dark horizon's glow
like a small stroke of light
between heaven and earth's might
I suddenly feel the fear creeping upon me
I look away only to stare at the sea
what is it that I see?
What could it possibly be?
I squint my eyes and from what I could tell
there is an island full of flowery pastel
I gathered my little wooden boat
to make sure that it would still float
I set sail at a quarter past three
and arrived when the sun was high above the sea
the time was close to midday
and the wind was calm, I daresay
I take a quick look around
and you won't believe what I found
a meadow full of flowers
luring me in with its powers
I hear the singing once more
as I did before, close to the shore
so I took a few steps closer
and the music became louder
loud enough to ring in my ears
and loud enough to drown out my fears
yet, I was mesmerized
knowing my life is compromised
but my curiosity had won over
with feelings of unequal fervor
then I saw the three creatures
with their unusual features
they began to walk, no float towards me
still singing that sweet melody
reaching out, beckoning
grinning and without warning
they were upon my every being
I felt like fleeing
but I couldn't move my legs
no matter how much I would beg
my mind was under their spell
and my body would scream and yell
these creatures will eat my soul!
but, I have no choice, I am under their control
they lead me back to where they dwell
it could only be a place made in hell
they will take away my sight
and seduce me with their bite
could this be love or hate?
or is it just my fate?
to be their slave of song
and their prisoner of long
through endless days and nights
I shall put up with their delights
slowly eating away my sanity
until I am completely empty
then will they toss me aside
and wait for the next passerby?
will they cook up my little body
and treat me as if I was cheap and shoddy?
oh no, here the come again
only to remind me of my sin
they will taunt me with their singing
and all the pain they are bringing
until I feel myself falling
and the darkness is calling...

then I wake up from this sleep
and find myself knee-deep
in this salty ocean water
and not close to slaughter
I guess it was all a dream
no matter how real it may seem
I stand up and look towards the sea
and, oh no, could it be?
there's the same island full of flowers!
and I can feel its powers
I can taste it like the salt on my lips
and my mind almost slips
into the trap set for me
to lure me in with their melody
how long can I resist their calls
before my mind completely falls?
maybe I should give in to my fate
before it gets too late
it's almost the end of the day
and it's time for me to pay
the price for my sins
ans so it begins...

Halloween is here and here to stay! This is my favorite holiday and have fun tonight, happy ghouling!

Happy Halloween!!


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