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The Sith Lord Returns And Twain They Come....

Updated on June 24, 2015

The Sith Lord Returns And Twain They Come.... Hyperlinks to the Previous Episodes follow:;;

It is dawn and N-Komo is in training, but not the typical training that someone wielding a Light-Saber does. N-Komo is in fact among wild boar-like creatures, in a clear area of the barely lighted forest, gliding, somersaulting, and parrying the vicious charges of the wild boars. The boars, whether protecting their domicile turf (Dagobah) or attracted to N-Komo because they are carnivores, were on the constant attacks with N-Komo showing off his uncanny instincts and strength to ease out of harm's way... sometimes walking or running on the respective boars backs that were attacking. Among the forest trees, furtively, Master Sky-Walker (Luke) is observing, and according to how N-Komo escaped the danger, now and then a sly smile canvasses his bearded countenance. There is a sly smile too on N-Komo's face as he realizes that he is being observed - the four wild boar-like creatures do not relent and attacked in unison. N-Komo's prehensile nose unfurls bearing his Light-Saber, which he then used to make quick work/slaughter of the wild boar-like beasts.

N-Komo's nose rolled up like a scroll, as his Light-Saber retracts and disappears... he then two of the dead animals carrying them one on each of his shoulders.

Master Sky-Walker, letting his presence known and walking toward N-Komo: You know that I do not partake of flesh - nor did your father, Master Yoda....

N-Komo: Who said that my fleshy sustenance was for you? He was more a father to you than I and both of you do not know what you missing in feasting on these animals.... you must know that I decided to come here because I have seen you in my sleep and waking dreams and that my mother told me little about this Yoda and one of the Light-Sabers he left when he convalesced on Loon Prime....

Master Sky-Walker has caught up to N-Komo and both are side by side as they walk back to Master Yoda's abode, which is now occupied by Master Sky-Walker and the visiting N-Komo.

Master Sky-Walker: So you are here to know about Master Yoda...?

N-Komo: Once again, I am here, not so much out of reverence for your dead master, but more so out of the invasive dreams that I have and the facts that I have seen you and one call Leia and her two children.... The boy - whom I met with his father (Han Solo) and that creature (Chewbacca) - is a shaper of destinies of many....

Master Sky-Walker (laughing): You may not speak like Master Yoda, but you do have a flare for imagery and language... I will forgive you for the apparent lack of respect you have for Master Yoda and relegate it to the love-hurt you and your mother must have suffered in his abrupt leaving... especially, leaving your mother with child....

N-Komo immediately dropped both dead carcasses of the animals and turned to face Master Sky-Walker.

N-Komo (fuming): Do not ever mention or let anything escapes from your mouth concerning my mother again - famed Jedi Master or not!

We see what looks like a lighthouse, only that this one is suspended among the Cumulus cloudy skies; marked on the lighthouse is the bold caption of the Jango fett sub-station and medical facility. Tethered to this lighthouse/medical facility are crafts that are parked, which, apparently, belong to the personnel that support the lighthouse medical facility. Inside the lighthouse is pristine and the medical staff - nurses, doctors and security - are made up of flesh and blood and humanoid/hybrids....

Medical Personnel Voice: Subject, Master Mace Windu... Jedi Master of some kind/note. It is of utmost import that no harm comes to the patient and also of utmost import that all security precaution protocols are in place as the repair takes place. The patient has no medical records per se... only his weapon, a Light-Saber, which is similar to the weapon, along with his fall, that caused and contributed to his injuries.... We then see the familiar bald dome of Master Windu... with his face and limbs that are obviously damaged.

Another of the staff's voice: Patient was in Cryo... until the means were available to repair him... let us begin... medical equipment, probes and scalpels are displayed and in tandem are working on Master Windu. As the time ticked away, the machines monitoring the vitals of Master Windu are in an uproar, causing concern to the medical staff. The restraints that held Master Windu secured become loosed... his Light-Saber finds his hand and we see a partially naked Master Windu using The Force to speedily cause the cyber medical machines to run into each other and then his going a-head-hunting... resulting in severed heads, smoldering wires mixed with blood in the once pristine operating theatre. One of the light-house windows are smashed, followed by Master Windu diving headlong , with his collapsed Light-Saber in one hand, into an opened ship moored to the medical light-house. The ship takes off, as the light house's alarms sound....

We see a bustling metropolis with all the bells and whistles; it is crowded and the corridors and the many kinds of airborne conveyances are picking up and dropping off people/species - think of futuristic New York City on a typical Summer weekend. To add to the commercial milieu are the multitude of kids/adolescents playing... some are simply walking with parents; some are making mischief; some are checking out the many species... engaging in mating rituals; some are piloting futuristic skate-boards that flies; and some are piloting their own air-crafts, interacting among the merchants... the latter plying their respective trades. We also see what are akin to Jumbo-trons advertising various commercial wares, but the images are interrupted and replaced with the news and the regal images of Princess Leia/Senator Solo's apparent resignation from the Senate. Initially, not many of the denizens paid attention to the news of the resignation, but many then paid attention when the news mentioned Princess Leia's association with The Force, The Dark-Side, and Lord Vader. There are even shouts borne out of 'props' from many of the adolescents among the various species, which were due to the popularity of the pirated Light-Saber battles among Master Yoda/Count Doku, The Emperor, Luke Sky-Walker, and Darth Vader, etc. On one of the shopping corridors, there is a phalanx of security personnel surrounding a boy, who is about twelve-years-old; many of the rest of the shopping denizens are momentarily rubber-necking... looking at the boy, along with his security. The rubber-necking is interrupted, as the security personnel protectively shelter the boy and draws their respective blasters... apparently, signaling imminent danger. There is also what is tantamount to the local police running pass the boy and his security, which have the onlookers seeking the reason for the commotion. The running police officers for the commercial districts who ran past the boy and his security are being smashed against objects of walls/barriers. As the boy and his security start hustling to get away, some of the security are simultaneously firing their weapons in the direction where the police ran... the bullets are ricocheting, taking out bystanders and some of the boy's security personnel. There are hustling and screams among the shopping species and we see a hooded woman, over six-feet-tall, whose eyes are metallic black and whose facial hue, as much as can be gleaned under the hood, is ruby-red... she is attired in a black leather-like snugly-fit hooded outfit... with matching boots. She is cavalier as she walks/saunters toward the boy and his dwindling security

One of the boy's security: Who are you?

Hooded Woman: Give me the boy!

Two of the surviving security personnel rush forward... the woman hood falls from her balled crimson-colored head; her Light-Saber suddenly appears and is floating diagonally... slicing through the two approaching security. Screams of the shoppers punctuate the corridors and the hustling of folks trying to get out of the area ensue more rapidly. The remaining three security personnel rushed the hooded lady, while instructing the boy to run in the apposite direction. The three security bodyguards are dispatched by the combination of the hooded lady Light-Saber and being violently and lethally pushed into the corridor walls. In the interim, the boy is running, as those in the way of the hooded lady are thrown to the side to clear the way as she chased the boy. At one corridor, at the base of the escalator, before the boy can ascend the stairs, he abruptly stops running. The boy looks up and sees Master Windu at the top of the escalator; and, as he looks back, he sees the hooded ball lady approaching... she seems to be cautious too because she is no longer running.

Master Windu surveys the area: A Sith Lord - is there another? It is said that twain they come!

Hooded Lady: We needed not travel in twain... one is enough to handle any Jedi Master - incidentally, it was reported that you died at the hands of the young Anakin Sky-Walker?

Master Windu frowning: I am presently here and I still breathe the air of The Force....

Both opponents' Light-Sabers are drawn, as Master Windu and the Sith Lord try to pull the boy via their respective versions of The Force and in their respective directions. Master Windu's power of The Force is winning and the boy is being drawn to Master Windu like a tractor beam hauling in a package. As the boy reaches Master Windu, he is secured behind the Jedi Master.

Sith Lord: There are many boys and girls who are candidates for being Dark-Side-Worthy....

Master Windu, shaking his head in mockery: Trying to resurrect the dead Emperor, eh?

Master Windu's - looking at the Sith - Light-Saber finds its mark in the boy's chest region killing him instantly; as he falls to the ground, there is the look of surprised terror on the boy's face... the boy's death even catches the Sith Lord by surprise too.

Master Windu (sarcastically): We shall continue this dance at another time... he disappears.

There are lighted torches around the riverbanks adjacent to Master Sky-Walker's abode.... there are Master Sky-Walker, N-Komo, Chewie, Han, Princess Leia and their two children. The children are interacting and playing with advanced organic/computerized toys....

Master Sky-Walker: I know most of you thought that it was not prudent for all of us to meet...

Princess Leia: Yes, brother, the whole resistance could be wiped out in one fell swoop....

Chewie growls in agreement, with Han shaking his head.

Master Sky-walker: I could not take the chance of having my communiqués being interrupted.... I wanted to brief what we are up against. The Sith Lord is back....

Princess Leia with an elevated cause of concern: How many?

Master Sky-Walker: When they say twain they come - is means that when one of the Sith Lord dies, the surviving other takes on the Dark essence of the one that died... meaning when Darth Maul met his demise, his essence went to another... who surfaced at a recent market place - so indeed twain they come. They are also trying to upload the essence of the Emperor into someone they deemed Dark-Side-Worthy, even children....

Han: This account for the many parents volunteering their children to go through the rituals that everyone is whispering about.... incidentally, you must know that Chewie and me cannot carry out any sabotage because the Consortium facilities are located smack-dab into the enclaves where the people live with their children....

Princess Leia: That's not the only surprise... apparently, Master Windu has surfaced too and no one sensed him (looking at her brother)... did you consult Master Yoda?

Master Sky-Walker: I do not know everything....

Han: What of our reluctant friend here (pointing to N-Komo)? he seems to have This so called Force....

N-Komo looks up and at everyone... with his eyes lingering more on Han Jr.

N-Komo (with a smidgen of sarcasm): I am simply here for the Jedi Master to shed light on my dreams... many of you who have invaded my dreams are here, and, perhaps, can contribute and give me the answers I seek....

Princess Leia turning to her brother: Is the Sith and the Consortium working together, Luke....?

Master Sky-Walker: That I do not know... at this juncture... but it is a match that should be expected and they are all in league in trying to use the essence of the Emperor to resurrect him like I have explained with the Sith's transference of essence....

Princess Leia: It is said that Master Windu is not himself....

Han: What does that mean - do we have a Jedi Master we have to worry about now too?

Master Sky-Walker: I cannot confirm the status of Master Windu's state of mind because he has detached from the Order.... Han/Chewie, you guys need to keep your ears to the ground... get in touch with your old smuggling contacts... we are badly in need of Human Intelligence on the Consortium. I know that the Jedi Order is fractured and not what it used to be... but The Force is still strong...!

Jr. (interrupts): Uncle Luke, during your training, Master Yoda once lift your ship from this lake, right?

N-Komo rushes toward the Jr... his elephant trunk unfurling... with his Light-saber coming to life.

N-Komo shouting: The boy must die!

Princess Leia in cat-like speed is now protectively standing in front of Han Jr. with her father's Light-Saber alive in her hand....

Han and Chewie - who had immediately drawn their blasters to protect Jr. - weapons were drawn away to the lake's waters by N-Komo's use of The Force.


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