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The Song A Song

Updated on August 19, 2010

The Song

 My heads been throbbing all day

My mind is aching

I got so many things to say

My heart is pumping

My pulse rushing away

How do I say the things I need to say

Will you listen

Will you open your ears and your mind

To see things my way

Do you care do you see the story in my eyes

Feel the passion understand the compromise

Know the laughter

See the pain

See the tears mixing with the rain

Know the story

Know the feelings of my heart

Do you see it in my eyes

Do you see it in my heart

One song so many feelings within

My heart breaking is it the end

Do I fall down defeated and alone

Or do I stand strong and sing out on my own

The music and my heart beating as one

Is it just in my head or am I comeing undone

My nerves frayed my mind so numb

If the music dies I know I am done

My spirit breaking as I sing out one last time

I stand my ground I know I am done

Should I fight should I give in

The temptations pulling me in

The waters closing over my head

Without the music I may as well be dead.


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