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The Space Between The Two Extremes

Updated on August 13, 2013

HERE I stand,

Taken to heart,

Convicted in part of a by a shot in the dark (!),

Awaiting the fall,

The letter, a call

(for action ) .

ALL that I touch,

Yeah, all that I feel,

Too good to be true,

And yet, too bad to be real.

Tomorrow forgotten;

Today disenchanted .

JESUS D. Bates . . . A decision to wait,

A little too often ... A little too late (!)

A broken Commandment,

And the taste of abandon

And action .

WHEN there's too much to offer,

When there's nothing to Gain,

You can sing it with passion, or, a friend in the rain,

When you're writing the rules,

Yet loosing to fools .

ON a blanket of lust,

( In a bed of thorns, )

The romance we shared became the language of, porn,

It's hard to belong when your too far gone .

HERE we stand before the gates, daring a God committed to Fate.

( While the wheel in the sky falls to the wayside.)

AND the space between the two extremes closes in .

And the space in-between the two extremes,

Is closing in .

ALL the questions unanswered ...

The Questions Unasked!

With a glimpse of the future, yet a dream of the past,

With Heavenly Action and Fatal Attraction,

From a taste of seduction and atomic destruction,

To face of the crowd when the music's too loud,

A permanent thing.

A reason I sing,

This song for you . . . . .


© 2013. Three Doves Media, LLC.


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