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The Splendor of Fall

Updated on July 20, 2013

Autumn leaves


An Invitation from Fall


I do not need to remind you

Of things that have passed.

You are the keeper of all

That has died and gone to rest.

Sweet smells of crisp colors

Rise from the floor

As I walk through the

Prevailing silence.


Time to rest and be still;

Prepare for the winter;

Draw into myself.


Oh, Fall! You with your brilliant

Golds, reds and yellows!

I exalt in your beauty.

The beauty of repose.

This original poem was written Sunday morning, November 14, 2010. No part of this poem may be copied or used without written permission from the author.

Fall Nostalgia

Growing up in Michigan I had the good fortune of experiencing all four seasons. It is one of the blessings that living in the north provides. For many years, fall was my favorite.

I was a very observant child, and climbing trees was one of my regular activities. Many mornings I would ‘escape’ to our backyard maple and sit among the lush leaves. And, as the season changed I would lose my camouflage as one by one its leaves would drop to the ground.

This led to another activity that my brothers, sister and I would enjoy-piling the leaves in a heap and jumping into them. We worked harder to keep that pile high than we did bagging them up for pickup. At times our antics would include burying one of us, or a neighbor, in the pile. Great fun, actually, unless someone ‘forgot’ to warn a jumper. Then all heck would break loose when the jumper would land on the one buried.

Fall is a beautiful season, for those who are fortunate to witness it in their area. The colors of the leaves are magnificent. I especially love when I can sit by a lake that is surrounded by maples, oak and birch trees. The blazing artist’s palette reflects in the lake water and makes a double image to enjoy. One of the loveliest lakes that I’ve had the privilege to experience is Teal Lake, in Negaunee, Michigan. It is in the Upper Peninsula, near the town I lived in long ago. Back then Teal Lake was the place to be during the Fourth of July, and anytime in the fall.

Meditation comes in many forms. For me, a walking meditation through a lovely park, local or state, is one of the most serene experiences that will bring both nostalgia and peace to my soul.

I love walking through the woods in the fall. It is, by far, my favorite time in the woods-a sensory smorgasbord.

Sensory Smorgasbord

Here are some of the splendors of fall that I will share with you: first, the obvious colors for the eyes to enjoy-the reds, gold, yellows, rusts and browns. A mixture of earth tones that is delightful when seen as a group. Next, the wonderful ‘woody’ smells that is an unmistakable odor of decay. It is rich and forbidden, as if seeping up from the belly of the earth, calling to our primitive nature. My ears pick up the sounds of the forest-the quiet; the crackles as squirrels scurry amidst the barren branches; the soft swoosh of leaves plummeting to their graves. And, finally, I enjoy the feel of the dried, fallen leaf I pick up on my walk; the warmth of the sun on my exposed skin and the crisp, fall air that blows gently through my hair.

Pumpkin Cornucopia


When There's Frost on the Pumpkins

In the spirit of fall, one reflects on the season that represents end-the end of another season; another year. It is a time for re-organization. Before the new year arrives we can use the fall to start plans for the direction that we want our lives to move towards. Perhaps that is another reason why I love fall-the transition from summer’s frolic to a focus on learning. Although most adults are no longer in school, September has always been an exciting month for me because of my love for learning. The nostalgia of fall and going to school is quite powerful.

Follow the return to school with the month of October and loving fall can easily be understood as one of the best times of the year. What’s not to love about October? October, right smack in the middle of fall, brings beautiful weather, wonderful smells, amazing colors, harvest time, and Halloween! The image of a bountiful harvest comes to mind when one walks into a produce store and sees the gourds, the pumpkins and the Indian corn stacked in the aisles. October and orange go hand in hand, don’t they? Orange leaves, orange skies, orange Harvest moons and orange jack-o-lanterns grinning out at us.

And then, there’s November peeking out from the cusp of fall. It is a time for hunkering down before the cold hits- stocking the pantry, gathering the firewood and contacting families and friends for the holidays. I consider Thanksgiving a ‘fall’ holiday-a time for true counting of blessings. Even in the scarcest of times there is something that one can be thankful for.

One of the things I am thankful for is the opportunity to enjoy the splendor of fall.

Thanksgiving Dinner

Happy Thanksgiving to All
Happy Thanksgiving to All | Source

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