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The State of Being.

Updated on October 10, 2009


The State Of Being.


If I could 
be anything in 
the entire universe 
right now 
I wouldn't be 
at all.
Sometimes it 
would be easier 
to just not be 
a human being 
or any other thing that 
has to be.
 non-existance would 
still mean that 
I would be 
so there is always 
you end up 
Even if you're 
trying to be 
nothing at all.
If I could see 
a solution to this 
then I would 
not be seen, 
I would be unseen.
If I could feel 
what it's like 
not to be felt 
then I would 
be unfeeling.
So I suppose I 
should be seen 
and let people feel 
what I need to be heard 
if I am to be 
existing in my 
state of being 
human thus I 
choose to be 
a poet more than 
anything else 
I could be 


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