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The Storm Cycle

Updated on September 28, 2015

The Calm before the Storm. ( part 1 of 3 )

The drained couple laid there on their silk sheets in each other's arms basking in the warmth of their love. It was the perfect ending to their fourth anniversary. The day started with a pot of coffee and a light breakfast. When the Mrs. came down the stairs and into the kitchen she was greeted with a smile, a kiss, and a dozen red roses with one star gazer lily in the middle, her favorite flower. " Thank you, " she said. With a smile he replied, " That's only the beginning. "

After breakfast they bundled up and in the cool autumn sun, took a nice walk through the woods. It was the same trail they met on just five years earlier. She had twisted her ankle while running, and like a chivalrous knight of old he came to the rescue and carried her a half mile to her car. They haven't been apart ever since. Back at home they started to get ready for their evening out. While she was in the shower he called the restaurant to make sure all the plans were being taken care of. With the assurance they were, he started to get ready.

On their first date they found a little hole in the wall Italian restaurant . So, for this anniversary they are headed back. When they arrived she noticed that the parking lot was empty. He smiled and assured her they were open. As they walked in, they were greeted by the owner. He explained that it would be just a minute for their seats and took their coats to the closet for them.

The owner came back to them and led them to the dining room. As they turned the corner the only table in the whole room was in the middle of the floor with a candle lit in the center of the table. There was soft music playing and a dim light on a small dance floor. The whole place belonged to them. So they ate, had some wine, and danced for hours in luxurious privacy.

It was a magical night that one only sees in movies. Then they go home and turn on the radio, candles lit in the bedroom, they make love till they collapse in each other's arms. After catching their breath they blow out the candles, kiss each other good night, and fall asleep.

Look for part two of this three part story in the next few days Titled, The Storm.


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