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The Storm Cycle Part 2

Updated on September 28, 2015

The Storm

It was about three thirty in the morning when she woke up cold from the night air. Since her husband is always warm she decided to snuggle up to him to get more comfortable. She laid there for a moment before she noticed something was not quite right. He wasn't as warm as he usually was. Then, she realized he wasn't breathing. Panicked she frantically started shaking her lover's arm and chest back and forth and screaming his name trying to wake him up.

" Come on honey wake up, WAKE UP!," she pleaded. With no result she then grabbed the phone, dialed 911, and climbed on top of her partner of five years and began CPR. This is not suppose to be happening, this is suppose to be the start of a family not the end. While waiting for the ambulance she never stops trying to revive her knight who just five years earlier carried her to the car when she sprained her ankle. " Don't do this to me!", she yelled " I need you, you can't leave me. "

The paramedics arrived and after working on him there, in the ambulance, and the emergency room he was pronounced dead at five a.m. The load was so heavy to bear she could not stand up. She could just lay there and cry in the dimly lit waiting room. Cry for her love, her friend, her husband, her hero. The doctor, who did everything in his power to revive his patient, slowly walked down the hall to the waiting room, " Ma'am I'm sorry to tell you...", the doctor didn't get to finish his sentence before she knew what he was saying. With that all the energy she possessed left her body and she laid humped over on the floor unable to move, speak, and even cry.

There was a deafening silence in the room. This was something that no one ever expected to happen to a couple such as this. Everyone was taken by surprise. It felt like a sucker punch to the gut. How could one at this age and condition have a heart attack? There will be no answers to any questions. All that is left is sadness, grief, and no goodbye.

Look for part three of this story subtitled , "The Aftermath"


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