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The Storm Cycle Part 3

Updated on September 30, 2015

The Aftermath

Exactly forty weeks later, the one who found herself in a whirlwind of emotions, now finds herself in the delivery room surrounded by her mother, sister, and her mother-in-law,(who will always be in her life). This was the farthest thought in her mind. The roller coaster of life had her going up and down, twisting left to right non-stop since that unforgettable tragedy that ripped her away from the one she loves. From the arrangements to the noise of a full house there was never time for herself to take a breath. A month later she finally was able to be alone without others hanging around and asking the wrong questions.

That is when she realized she was two weeks late. The overwhelming of excitement for just the thought of having her soulmates child inside of her, rushed through her entire being.Then the deep sorrow she felt knowing that the baby will never know the special man that gave her love and devotion every day since they met. After the doctor appointment confirmed what she believed, she took a deep breath and called her mother and mother-in-law.

"I'm pregnant", she said to both of them. In return there was the same reaction. Tears and excitement came through the other end of the phone. Through the next forty week stretch she felt the baby grow stronger, each day she told stories to the young one while rubbing her belly. Stories about the love of her life and how great a dad he would have been. She told of the times she would be sitting at the kitchen table and feel an excitement come over her when it was near the time for him to be home from work. Also, of all the times he surprised her with a gift or a new place to go.

There were ups and downs, as expected, through the forty weeks. Then around three thirty in the morning she awoke with wet sheets. It was time for the ride to the hospital, the miracle was ready to face the world. As her mother pulled the car into the E.R. lot they saw her sister and mother-in-law there waiting. All the build up of emotions were coming out of all of them in the birthing room.

With one last push and a scream, at five o' clock and one minute a beautiful baby boy was being held for the first time by his mother. They all gathered around with awe as every inch of the boy was inspected for good measure. He had his father's eyes, nose, and chin. His mother's lips and ears, as well as, her dimples. This was truly a miracle, a pleasant surprise after the storm.

After the I love you son, for the first time in person, the mother told him the story of the time she met his dad. Although there was sure to be some rough waters ahead. This mother will never forget what a glorious gift her most horrific storm left behind.

The End.


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