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The Storm at Sea - A Sea Shanty

Updated on December 2, 2020
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John has been writing poetry since his school days. He was awarded the "Best Poet 2014 and 2021" Hubby Awards.


The Storm at Sea

Black clouds gather against the white

Like orcas stalking seals.

The air is still but ominous,

The calm before the storm.

On the far away horizon

Chain lightning can be seen.

Rolling thunder follows on

Like a ghostly drummer's beat.

The small craft bobs on gentle waves,

It's sails dropped and secured.

I've battened down the hatches,

To await the storm at sea.


The crew is brave but nervous,

Having seen these signs before.

The 'warning!' forecast came at last,

But too late to abort.

Suddenly with increase force

The wind begins to blow,

Heavy rain pours from the sky

To pound the fishing boat.

All conversation ceases

As men assume set tasks.

The bilge pump working overtime

As huge waves swamp the deck.


The fearsome storm attacks with ire,

Like a dreaded Mongol horde,

With Ghengis Khan instead of God,

Controlling nature's force.

One faithful seaman climbs on deck,

A sail has come untied.

A crushing wave thwarts his attempt,

And sweeps him overboard.

All rescue efforts fruitless,

He disappears from sight.

Huge seas steal his life away,

Like a robber in the night.

The boat is rocked by rain and waves

But somehow stays afloat.

Lightning strikes the tallest mast,

It's shattered in the wake.

Then just as quickly as it struck,

The violent storm is gone.

The clouds disperse in minutes,

And the surging seas now calm.

The battered vessel limps to shore,

Like a dog to lick its wounds.

Sadly with one crewman less,

Who braved the perfect storm.

Thank you Kim for reminding me of this song

Shipwrecks That You Can Visit

There are estimated to be approximately three million undiscovered shipwrecks scattered on the oceans’ floor across the world, some dating back thousands of years. Even the number of known wrecks are incredibly high. The website contains records of more than 148,000 wrecks at the time of this writing. Many shipwrecks are historically significant and protected under UNESCO as underwater cultural heritage. Most have been abandoned and remain either submerged or grounded near beaches, left to the effects of nature. Some of them have turned into tourist attractions because of the many photographic opportunities they offer.

The most recent shipwreck that acquired huge media attention was the Costa Concordia that overturned in the waters near Isola del Giglio, on the western coast of Italy, in January 2012. The capsized ship attracted tourists from all over the world to the area. Salvage operations are still ongoing but it is expected that the ship will soon be towed out of the bay.

Other Famous Shipwrecks You Can Still Visit and Their Locations

The MS World Discoverer: Roderick Bay on Nggela Island, Solomon Islands

Mediterranean Sky (originally called City of York): Eleus us Gulf in Greece

The MV Captayannis: River Clyde in Scotland

SS America (later renamed American Star): Fuerteventura in the Canary Islands

Dimitrios (previously named "Klintholm"): Valtaki in the prefecture of Laconia in Greece

Olympia: Katapola, on Amorgos island in Greece

BOS 400: Duiker Point near Sandy Bay, South Africa

La Famille Express: southern waters of Provo in the Turks and Caicos Islands, Caribbean Sea

HMAS Protector: Heron Island, Queensland, Australia

Evangelia (previously known as Empire Strength, Saxon Star, Redbrook): Costinesti, Greece

SS Maheno: Fraser Island, Queensland, Australia

Santa Maria: Boa Vista and Cape Verde

(For the full enthralling histories and amazing photos of these vessels please visit www.amusing


© 2014 John Hansen


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