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The Story of Christ, One of Transition

Updated on November 29, 2011

Follow Me, the Alpha and the Omega

all rights reserved
all rights reserved

The marvelous story of our Lord, Jesus Christ,

is one of a great transition,

About a child sent by the hand of God,

to transform the human condition.

He had both a heavenly and an earthly father,

in the form of God and a man,

In leading His people on the righteous path,

it was the purpose of this plan.

No better way to save every soul,

and then brighten the spirit lying within,

Than to mold the earthly clay of man,

and then to the earth, His son to send.

In seeing His works, it so pleased Him much,

the earth, that He created there,

The figure of man mirrored his own,

yet man's sin was too much, His to bare.

An innocent babe was then born on earth,

the mother Mary to give His birth,

No riches, nor greater love to give, our God,

than that babe's precious worth.

To grow up strong in a carpenter's house,

there to learn His valuable trade,

A builder of wood, He fashioned then,

and in a likeness, ourselves were made.

Jesus lived as the Son of man,

and so on His journey here, this was His form,

Miracles made, by this teacher great,

He fed the masses and calmed the storm.

He changed water to wine, made the lame to walk,

and helped the blind to see,

The life that He lived, it was all to give,

new spiritual life for you and for me.

He walked in this world among us then,

to sew seeds of the righteous, in the soil.

To harvest all flowering spirits so grand,

and the light of heaven, a reward for His toil.

His earthly reward, to be crucified on a cross,

by those that He was trying to save,

No greater gift that the Father could make,

than to sacrifice the son, that He gave.

What story is this, that's full of wonders so grand,

an account in the scriptures, of old,

Illuminating a thorn clad head of our Savior there,

and bringing others into His foal?

That old rugged cross, on the hillside,

held more riches than our entire earth can hold,

More valued this is, than all the rubies and gold,

and to be the greatest story ever told.

A better tomorrow to come

all rights reserved
all rights reserved


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