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The Story of the Portrait

Updated on June 20, 2013

Year 2089, in the old ancestral house, a little boy is staring curiously at the wall, specifically looking at the portrait of two dogs, hanging in their broad wall along with other family portraits. He noticed that everybody in the family takes care of the portrait. His grandpa, grandma, aunties , uncles and older cousin, they all look fondly at the portrait and stare at it as if it was never hanged in that wall many years ago.

So the boy asks his mother, “Mother, who are those dogs, how come their pictures hanged on the wall along with our other family portraits? Are they members of our family? They appeared to be very important? His mother laughed and replied “Well in a way, they were members of our family. There is a story behind that portrait, and it became a tradition in our family to narrate the story when younger members of the family turned 10 years old. Since you’re already asking, do you want to hear the story?” The boy, only 8 years old excitedly nodded and said “yes”.

Well, the mother said. Those dogs were pets of your great, great grandmother, called her “Lola Cel’. Lola Cel was an only child, her parents, our great, great grandparents died at times of her life when she believed she needed her parents the most…. So Lola Cel lived in this house alone, the old house was smaller then. Her companions were her two dogs she called “Peso and Pissy”. Her dogs were her reasons why she was not really sad in her solitude. They were her bundle of joy… She believed they are her guardian angels in disguised, and God sent them to her to guide her someday. A Miracle that she never realized until that very sad and painful evening.

One sad day somebody hurt your Lola Cel…It was very painful, the kind that you can only understand when you reach adulthood. When she arrived home she was all alone, and she found no one to comfort her…her cousins were in Sampaloc, and the one living beside her was also in Sampaloc recuperating from operation of her cyst. But Peso and Pissy approached her as if they understood her misery…. Your Lola Cel in the lowest point of her life can think of anything drastic like wishing for her death or do anything to hurt herself…. But she looked at her dogs… two lives that she valued so much and two lives depending on her….. They were her only companions, she realized she just can’t die and leave them… who will take care of them? No one will take care of them the way she does? She realized how unfair to turn her back to her two Dogs who know to sympathize better than some human beings that she met…. And how unfair it is to end life and make these dogs orphans just because of someone who does not have a heart?

And so your Lola Cel return to our Lord Almighty, and pray… she decided to regain her once neglected faith, and strengthened her bond with our Lord. It was a sad and painful process but Lola Cel survived it all….She thanked the Lord for everything, for friends and relatives that supported her, and most of all she thanked HIM for Peso and Pissy which were the initial instruments that our Lord used to wake her up…. If she did not love those dogs she may not choose to bear the pain and stay in this world. She can end her life instead, with a “thought of joining her parents”.

Until she met your Lolo, and her life changed. She was so happy with him, that she regretted that night when she almost gave up on life… She believed she owed it to her Peso and Pissy, and so she hired somebody to do this portrait as her sign of her gratitude.

Now, you know why our family treasures that portrait…. It was a reminder that once upon a time there were two dogs that saved somebody’s life…. Two dogs that made our family a part of this World…. Remember that somewhere in the past, we almost did not make it here, no uncle bong, no auntie berna, no grandma, no grandfa, no me and no you.

So, now that you know “The Story of the portrait” do you promise to someday take care of that portrait and narrate the story to your children and grandchildren? Can you promise to tell them to take care of it, the way we did?

The Boy gladly said “yes that’s a promise”. And stare at the portrait again….


One of the two angel dogs died on March 2010, Piseta Danica's body was cremated and her remains and memorabilia is being kept in a special place. Angel dog Peso is still and will turn 13 years old in July this year. His owner is just so happy that in spite of his age, he is still a handsome and playful dog. His owner just wish him a healthy longer life. Angel dog Peso has new dog companion now, a real lovely and smart dog PM or Pissie Marie. Her name was taken from the Late Pissy or Piseta Danica, and her second name Marie was taken from her owner's name.

My New Angel Dog PM

About the Story

The main character of the story and the two angel dogs are true to life, however, the mother and the little boy were all fictional because it is a scene from the future.... a product of the writer's prolifc mind, and also a way for her to show how she moved on with her life. The main character has not found the "lolo' mentioned in the story yet... But one thing is sure, she is leaving happily with her love ones, and very happy doing what she loves most and that is writing and taking care of her dogs. Of course at some point in her life she fears solitude, but God has HIS way, and she just relied on HIM when it comes to her remaining years in this world. But for now she wishes happiness and good health to all her love ones, and that includes her Angel dogs Peso and PM.


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    • Maria Cecilia profile image

      Maria Cecilia 4 years ago from Philippines

      I am so happy to see this Featured, finally.... this article means a lot to me

    • Maria Cecilia profile image

      Maria Cecilia 6 years ago from Philippines

      Marcoujor I know you will like this...thanks for visiting. the other dog in the photo is Pissy and she died a year ago.

    • marcoujor profile image

      Maria Jordan 6 years ago from Jeffersonville PA

      Oh Maria Cecilia~~ now I am crying... REALLY BEAUTIFUL and touching... we have MUCH in common and I thank you for sharing this with me.

    • Maria Cecilia profile image

      Maria Cecilia 7 years ago from Philippines

      kumareshgupta nice to have you here thanks for visiting and please try to visit my other hubs

    • kumareshgupta profile image

      kumareshgupta 7 years ago

      nice story!!