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The StoryTellers

Updated on July 28, 2012

I have always loved stories

I think back as far as I can, and I have always loved stories. Whether they were told in a song, a book, or from someone's own experience orally. I just loved them. My grandma used to tell us the funniest stories, from "I want my big fat toe back" to the one about " The bump under the kitchen floor" Yea, My grandma liked to scare us kids, just a little bit ;) But what kid doesn't like a good ghost story. I was a fraidy cat, and still loved ghost stories. She also told us other stories. Stories about her mom and dad. My uncle R.P. that died of cancer when he was young. Stories about my uncle ikie saying that his brother was " Stuck in a hole, Stuck in a hole" My uncle larry apparently had his hands declared lethal weapons. And my uncle Jimmy once punched a tree. I think that's right. I may have my uncles mixed up. Then there were stories about my aunts of course. And about how my grandma used to play paper dolls with her best friend Georgia Lee. And how one time she was with some girls and they were stealing stuff, and her mom threatened to skin her alive if she ever hung out with them again. She told us how they used to go to the drug store and get a soda and flirt with the guys, just a little bit. Yea, I used to listen to my grandma for hours. Then there was of course my Unlce Sonny. People used to laugh cause he talked so slow and he would keep you there for 12 hours if you let him. Every body tried to get away from him. But not me. I used to sit on the floor next to him and listen to him talk for hours. He talked about his days in the army, about his mom and dad, about his favorite singer. I think some of the stories were embellished a bit, but I didn't care at all. I have listened to story tellers my whole life. My pastor is a great story teller. I like to sit on his porch and listen to him tell stories about his life, stories about his mom and dad and grandparents and kids and his "girlfriend" Helen Jane. Yea, I just love story tellers. I could listen to them all day. There's a song by garth brooks called cowboy bill. It's about this old cowboy who used to tell stories that no one but the kids believed. They all loved him, and in the end, everyone found out he was the real deal. The best story teller of all time though, was Jesus. Yep, he told parables all the time. Ones that had meaning and value. I can imagine sitting by Jesus and listening to him. I think it would have been amazing to be like Mary sitting at the Lords feet and listening to Him speak. About truth, about life, love, and all that is good and decent in the world. I guess that's why we really like story telling. Cause it gives us hope, it lets us feel like we were there. In the memories of our loved ones, we can share in their past, therefore establishing a place in their future. I hope that someday, when I pass on, I'll be able to sit by jesus, and listen to his stories. I think that's what heaven would be like. How much better could it possibly get. :)


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