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The Sun Yellowed Loft.

Updated on November 27, 2009


The sun yellowed loft   ©-MFB III  

In the sun yellowed loft
where vacation bids me rest,
morning nudges me with gentle
fingers of light, dappling my face.

Many angles and soft bends,
make up the peaks of the
bright ceilings above me,
they mimic my sun splashed
elbows and knees,
splayed every which way,
on the high four post bed.

Reluctance to rise clings
like sleep dirt in my eyes,
dreading departure from such
a sun drenched room,
perched high atop
a Victorian manor.

but it is a time to dawdle,
and so I do,
as an hour    d  r  i   f     t     s       by.........
much like the dust motes
that frolic in the beams,
of July's morning glory.


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